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Why Women Love Valentine’s Day

Walking through the mall it can clearly be seen what day of the year it is, Valentines Day. Men scrambling through the stores in an attempt to buy last minute gifts.

Girlfriend, Wives and Mistresses dragging their man to different stores and pointing out what they want as a gift.

The ear to ear smile of managers as they line their pockets with money on this holiday.

And here I am, just another guy looking around for what to buy for my significant other, wondering why this holiday means so much to women.


Women love romance, this is why they read romantic novels and romantic comedies. It makes them smile and it makes them feel loved.

This is why one of the cornerstones of any happy relationship is romance, and though a woman should be romanced frequently not only on valentines day.

Valentines day at the very least serves as a reminder to provide her with that love. A reminder to buy her flowers, tell her you miss her and treat her to a romantic dinner.

To remind her that you have feelings for her and care for her.


Whether its Christmas, Valentines day, or just a Wednesday, we all love gifts.

This love began from when we were children and got our very first birthday gift so even as an adult when we receive a present our eyes still light up.

The excitement of finally learning what’s behind the wrapping is still a moment that we enjoy.


Valentines day is for our women, not for us guys. Its a day to show her we care about her, and though that should be everyday, valentines is the one day in which it is marked on a calendar.

A day that is dedicated to her, and a day that women love because it reminds them of how important they are to the guy they are with.

That’s the kind of attention that all women love and one of the main reasons why women love valentines day.

And though personally I am not a fan of Valentines day and perhaps one day men will march the streets and revolt.

Understanding why women love valentines is important because it helps us to understand what women really want underneath it all.

To be appreciated by and cared for by the men in their lives. Happy Valentines Day to all and have a wonderful day.