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Why Do Women Wear Thongs

Remember the first time you saw a thong? My first time was when I was on a date at 17. The girl wore tight pants, with no panty lines in sight. For a while I thought she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Perhaps my charm was too overwhelming and she was implying that she was a sure thing tonight. It wasn’t until she turned to go to the bathroom that I saw the pink thong slightly showing out of her pants that I knew what was going on.

Quite a sexy sight to be sure, though I hade no complaints I wondered why do women wear thongs? It looks so uncomfortable.

g happy and playful? They will see that too.

This is no different with a woman wearing a thong. The sexual nature of the thong can make a woman feel sexier which will radiate outwards. She will walk different, smile different, flirt different and simply feel different.

Panty Lines

Some women wear thongs so as to prevent the outlines of her panties showing when wearing tight clothes.  This makes some women feel less sexy to have panty lines showing through their clothes because they feel that people will find them less attractive. Similar to how a person can internalize feeling sexy the same can be said with feeling unsexy.



Contrary to what I thought that night. Some women find thongs comfortable. Initially it felt weird but after time they began to like the comfort of having less hindrance on their butts.


A lot of our decisions are affected by the opposite sex and one of those decisions being the clothes we wear. Women wear thongs because men find it attractive. To draw the attention of men as she walks by is a very validating feeling for some women to know that men want her.

The reason men like thongs is because it is more sexual than normal panties. Revealing more to tease our senses without really revealing more. We are imaginative creatures and anything that can stir our imagination is infinitely more attractive to us. Similar to a woman that plays hard to get.

Although the reasons can vary as to whether it is for her or for the attention of others. We can all agree that thongs are sexy and rightfully so, both men and women love thongs.