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Why Do Women Sleep With Their Boss

How many women have slept with their boss? Browsing the web I stumbled across an old article that may give us the answer to this age old question. The article states that 15 percent of women have slept with their boss which doesn’t surprise me.

Infact I figured it would be closed to 20 percent. A point the article doesn’t mention is that if 15 percent of women have slept with their boss then a larger amount have THOUGHT about doing it.

Indicating their is a large women population that are attracted to their bosses whether they choose to act on it or not.

As a former manager I can attest to the validity of this article, which leads us to the question as to why would a woman choose to sleep with their boss.

What happened to the old saying, you don’t crap where you eat?


If he is her boss then obviously he has more power than her in regards to the company, and its no secret that women love powerful men .

A powerful man is seen as a confident dominant male which can trigger a subconscious primal desire for women.

A subconscious trigger that is a relic of our prehistoric days past in which women were dependent on powerful dominant men for survival.

And though that is no longer the case, in most parts of the world anyway, there’s still a subconscious wiring to desire such men.


As I mentioned before, I was a manager of a large chain of retail stores in a country with a high unemployment rate of 16%.

Because there was no HR department I was responsible for a large amount of the hirings and some of the offers I received from women wanting the job was crazy, and I could start another blog solely based on it.

Some women will sleep their way to being the president if they could  and I have no doubt some have made it as far as the white house.

There is a portion of women that want to advance in the work world at all cost.


There is a subconscious desire for the taboo, to have what we shouldn’t have.

This has been the case from the days of Adam and Eve. Eve was told not to eat the fruit but the knowledge of knowing she could not have it stirred a desire in her.

It’s similar to a woman sleeping with her boss, she knows that she should not.

That mixing feelings at work could lead to potential disaster but for some the knowledge of playing with fire only builds a stronger desire.


All the fault can not be on the women’s end, relationships takes two people.

There are some women that would have never thought of their boss in that light but due to his attempts to seduce her, the subtle innuendos and even lingering stares.

He was eventually able to lead her down that path.

So reading that article now even though it is years old, I can definitely understand the reasons why the percentage is as high as it is.