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Why Do Women Play With Their Hair

You stare at her from across the table, filled with excitement that she finally decided to go out with you. She is looking beautiful, the restaurant is perfect, and the night is going great. During  your jokes she giggles, smiles and starts twirling her hair. What does it mean you think? Why do women play with their hair?

This is simple gesture that can give you a peak into the minds of women. It is powerful because even she is unaware she is doing it and its implication.


Women playing with their hair could be a sign that she is interested in you or what you are saying. By playing with her hair she draws attention to it. This in turn draws attention to her.  This is very effective in drawing a man’s attention because a woman’s hair is one of the traits that men find attractive.


This can also be an attempt to make herself more attractive also known as preening. A simple brush to remove the hair out of her face to give you a better view, or exposing her neck .

These actions being a subconscious reaction to the state she is feeling makes them a strong indicator of gauging her interest.


Playing with the hair for women provides a pleasurable sensation. Slight tugging of the hair stimulates the nerves ending around the hair follicles. For a woman that is feeling stressed the pleasureable sensation can help her mood and focus. This is sensation is one of the reasons women love when their boyfriend strokes their hair or pull it in the bedroom.


Similar to a nervous tick like tapping your fingers, or biting your lips. She plays with her hair to release a pent up feeling, an overwhelming feeling that she has to let go. It may be a feeling of nervousness, stress, boredom, or excitement.

Though a woman playing with her hair is a powerful gesture, it is important to take note of when she plays with her hair, to determine the reason behind it.

For example, if she plays with her hair while you tell her a story of how you saved kids from a burning orphanage, this is a sign of attraction. However if she does it as she is walking into a crowded room, this is a release of energy.

Once you understand the reasons, this will take you steps forwards to understanding the minds of women.