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Why do Women Love Confident Men

Most people are usually shy in one way or the other even though some may claim that they are never shy. Shyness is always when an individual is afraid of the outcome of their actions and they are paralyzed to the level that they are never free to do whatever thing they may want to do.

This may take different forms like not being able to ask someone for a date or even not being ready to accept date invitation. It is therefore impossible for people to start dating if both of them are shy and none is willing to approach the other.


Most women usually get attracted to confident guys because they are seen to be able to provide security to their women. They are always known to be very protective and would not allow anybody or anything to hurt their loved ones.

The confident men also appear to many women as good lovers who are likely to treat them well while in the relationship.

Confidence is mostly associated with financial stability. Women thus believe that men who are confident are usually wealthy and are likely to give them financial support. These men are generally sure of whatever they are doing and women can always be sure of satisfaction whenever they are in the company of a confident guy.

Confidence can sometimes show that one is well knowledgeable about what they are saying thus they can sustain an argument and supporting it with facts. For men who may lack confidence, they should never try to fake it as women can easily notice when one lacks confidence.

Confidence a lone may not be enough for a man to win a woman. looks may also matter and it is thus important that a man be well groomed and tidy. This will in turn build their self confidence thus making them very attractive.

Confident guys are also known to be very romantic. They are always known to buy their lovers gifts like flowers and chocolates. The confident guy will frequently call their women when he is a way to know how she is doing. They thus have the courage to look at the woman straight into their eyes and letting them know how they feel about the woman.

This makes the woman feel highly appreciated and they may find it very hard to resist such kind of a man.

Confident guys are also well known to be very spontaneous and creative. They will use this creativity to woo the woman using things like songs and poems. Some men may even make paintings of their women to show how much they love them. This will make the woman feel very unique and she may find it very difficult to turn down the man.

Confidence may also be associated with consideration. They will always open the door of the car for their ladies and let them inside or outside the car. These men give good notices to the women when they want to take them out and usually ensure that the woman is picked from the door and later dropped back at their door after the date.

This provides essence of the security to the woman that they may find very hard to turn down.