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Why Do Women Go To The Bathroom Together in Groups

I don’t like double dates, and here I am at dinner with not only one other couple but two other couples, guess that makes this a triple date.

My problem with these kinds of dates is that the date now becomes dependant on the enjoyment of all the couples collectively.

If one of the couples did not enjoy the date, it leaks into the other parties and can ruin the evening for everyone

Been there, done that and I decided that I rather the outcome of the night be determined by me alone than be partially dependent on others.

However this night was a favor to my friend and it gave me a reason text and ask a specific girl out, so I sucked it up.

The evening is going great, the girls are showing signs of interest and towards the end of the night, one of the girls gets up to go to the bathroom.

She announced it as if she was about to head off to war but in unison the other women at the table heard the cue and got up to join her in the bathroom.

Leaving the guys thinking to themselves how weird women are.

Guys would never go to the bathroom in groups unless it was actually a cue for lets get the hell out of here the game is about to start.

However for women going to the bathroom together is a normal occurrence. But for what reasons is this a normal occurrence amongst women.


Women are social butterflies, with the superhuman ability to bond with other females.

From girls night outs to shopping sprees together, women just love to be together in groups. It provides them an outlet to verbally express what’s on their mind.

And the situation with the bathroom is no different. In the bathroom they are able to talk about what’s going on outside the bathroom.

Hows the date going, Will she kiss him at the end of the night, what the deal with you and X, etc. Allowing them to discuss with one another what to do next.

Second Opinion

Sometimes a woman needs a second opinion on the her make up, hair, or even her choice of clothes. An extra person to validate her decision.

She knows men can sometimes be oblivious to such things but she can always count on her female companions for the extra validation.


This one was a bit surprising to me but after talking to one of my sisters about it she was able to clear it up.

As a guy we do understand the world can sometimes be a not so safe place, but with women this is taken to another level.

Women on average are smaller and more fragile than men and thus are more vulnerable to dangerous physical situations.

Because of this some women use the safety in numbers as a way to protect themselves from these situations.

To think that a simple trip to the bathroom could mean so much else is a testament to how complicated women can be and why men sometimes need help understanding women.