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Why Do New Clothes Make You Feel More Confident

I have 4 sisters and spent a large part of my teenage years working in a family business in which the employees consisted of mostly females. One of the trends I always noticed but never understood is that whenever they would be going to a large event, they would buy new clothes.

I spent more time in malls that a straight man should. This is even a trend that I see to this day with a lot of men and women.

I have asked some of them why and they usually can’t explain it. The new clothes just makes them feel better. They feel more attractive and so more confident. After this I started to take notice of how I felt when I bought new clothes. I also felt more confident because of it.

Why would a new shirt make me feel more attractive and confident? Is this a magic shirt. It didn’t make sense.

Consumer Mentality

It wasn’t until I spoke to one of my best friends at the time that was extremely into psychology and sociology  also. The reason he thought that clothes make a person feel more confident is because we have a consumer mentality.

Advertisement makes us feel a need, that is only quenched when we buy new items. Makes sense.

This feeling isn’t exclusive to just clothing but items in general. Even a new phone can make you feel happier, take a look at the lines for the new iPhones even though the difference between the previous version isn’t substantial.

This reminds me of one of the themes in the movies Fight Club in regards to the consumer culture.

The main character which is played by Edward Norton, feels empty but he tries to feel the void of that emptiness by purchasing items for his condominium in an attempt to fill that void, instead of actually dealing with the actual reasons for the void he feels.

The item makes him feel a little better so he continues to buy more items, feeling that the more items he buys the closer he will come to filling that void.

This is similar to most people in our society in which society makes us feel that items = happiness. This is  my opinion on the core of the reason of why people feel more confident when they are wearing new clothes.

This also means that this can be used as a quick way to feel more confident before going out on a date, or simply meeting that special person.

Just remember that it is not the clothes that is making you feel more confident, you are already confident. The clothes are simply a delusion.