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Why Do Men Stare At Women

Like daggers she feels them in her back, the eyes of men as she walks by. The reason why do men stare at women can be confusing to some woman and even men. Perhaps all men are perverts?  Maybe there is a stain on her butt that he is trying to signal for her to notice of with his eyes.

For us to take steps to understanding why do men stare at women we must first take a look at the reasons behind the action.


Imagine a time centuries back when we were just trying to survive everyday life battling the elements and predators, with nothing but loin cloths and spears. The importance of reproducing to keep the human race going was strongest then and passing off your own genes more so.

It is during this time that the deep urge to reproduce with multiple with women was created. The desire to pass onto future generations his genes.

Due to this mentality it was important to know which women were most fertile.  The way that was evolved was visually cues. A man would look at a woman and based on several factors judge if she was fertile, factors such as Long Hair, Hair Color, Waist to Hip Ratio, Facial Symmetry, etc. Attributes that to this day men find attractive, they just don’t know exactly why.


Some men stare at women because of the fear of approaching a woman to express his interest.  The fear of the unknown, not knowing what to say or how she will respond. Irrational worries of her slapping him in the face or worst lingers in his mind. The fear of rejection anchors his feet to the ground, leaving only the option to awkwardly stare.

Gauge Interest

When a man stares for more than a few seconds, it shows that he has a certain level of attraction or interest in her. He stares in an attempt to gauge her interest, to see if she feels the same as him. If a woman locks eyes back, smiles and plays with her hair. He knows that she is interested in him also. Boosting his confidence and reducing the fear of rejection.

Understandably so, some women are confused about this and some just don’t like it, feeling like she is being objectified by the eyes of men. This feeling can make her feel like just an item,  but she shouldn’t  feel this way, staring is deeply engrained in minds of men and is extremely difficult to suppress.

When men stare it is his non verbal way of saying the he finds you beautiful, not an item for purchase. So the next time you catch a man staring at you, say thank you with a smile, you are beautiful.