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Why Do Men Like Long Hair On Women

Women spend an extensive amount of time on their hair throughout their lives to keep it looking beautiful. This serves to make her more attractive for herself which builds confidence but also to make her more appealing to men.

Though the taste of men may vary, the majority of men like long hair on women.  Not so long that it can be thrown down a tower for a prince to climb up but the general consensus is around shoulder length.

So why do men like long hair on women?

Femininity and Personality

Hair length is one of the signs of femininity. Which is why some women do not like long hair on men, unless you are a rich rock star or movie star to compensate. Hair length also represents positive aspects of a woman’s personality.


A woman with long beautiful hair works hard at it. She buys good shampoos and conditioners to maintain it. This show that she is the kind of woman who cares about her appearance and takes care of herself. Not to imply that women with short hair do not care about their appearance. It is that long hair shows its more visually. With men being visual creatures, that is an advantage.

Social Influences

Growing up boys watched cartoons, in those shows the women have long hair. He would catch glimpses of his sister watching Disney princess with long flowing hair. Even his sisters barbies his G.I. Joe would rescue had long hair.

As adults  we are barraged with advertisements of celebrities and models who usually have long hair. So naturally growing up seeing most women with long hair influences their mentality and they are drawn to it. This is because people are drawn to what is familiar to them.


Hair length is also a sign of youth. As a woman gets older, her hair losses some of it shine in the process and her hair grows slower. Since hair represents youth, which is associated with fertility. On an evolutionary level men will be more attracted to youthful looks, because of the increased odds of healthy offspring.

A great deal of the physical attributes men find attractive can be related back to health and fertility. Attributes such as facial symmetry that represents strong immunity to diseases. Waist To Hip Ratio (WHR) which also reflect fertility. So since hair length is another trait that can be used to judge this, men are more attracted to it.

My intention isn’t to push women away from shorter hair styles. Many women look just as beautiful or more so with shorter hair. Times are changing and society is becoming accustomed to adjusting to the changes in people. A man will not judge a woman exclusively on her hair, but rather the total package. The perfect hair length for a woman is which ever makes you feel most comfortable, confident and beautiful.