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Why Do Men in relationships Dream About Their Ex Girlfriends

I just woke up from a dream of a girl and its not the girl that’s sleeping peacefully next to me. Its about a girl I once knew, an ex girlfriend.

If this was the first time I dreamed about an ex id be worried but this has happened multiple times throughout my life and I’ve learned to accept it because I understand why it happens.

Dreams are a peak into what is stirring around in your subconscious, reflecting thoughts that you yourself may not have even know you were having. The meaning all depends on what’s happening in the dream.

In this particular dream, it was about a conversation I should have had but didn’t, and though I had move past it, apparently my subconscious did not.

Now a man dreaming about his ex girlfriends doesn’t mean that his subconscious is secretly longing for her, that depends on the details in the dream however dreams tend to represent symbols that need to be deciphered than to be taken as they are.

For example one of the main reasons for a man dreaming about his ex girlfriend is…


Or lack thereof. Closure in a relationship covers the major “What If’s” so that when both persons go their separate ways no one is left wondering if anything could have been done differently.

If no closure happens, though your conscious can move past the breakup, it can still remain in your subconscious and rear its head during a dream. The dream is one way for your subconscious to attempt to understand details of the break up and come to its own conclusion.

Something Is missing

This doesn’t necessarily mean that what the man is missing is his ex girlfriend and she should soon be expecting drunk dials , though it is possible. The dream can mean that he is missing some aspect of the relationship.

An aspect of the relationship that isn’t being fulfilled in the current situation. This can be a warning sign that if hes in a current relationship there is something about it that isn’t making him as happy as it did with his ex.


A co-worker of mine once told me a dream he had when she was being by her ex, and he was trying to escape. It was similar to a horror movie in which he was the crazed serial killer was trying to catch the big breasted blonde.

He was reminded of the verbally abusive past relationship during his current relationship. The pieces didn’t come together until a few months later when his girlfriend started to show signs of being abusive similar to his ex.

It was as if his subconscious noticed the subtle details happening during the course of the relationship and was sending him a warning via a dream to escape the situation.

Our subconscious is powerful and can open our eyes to details we were not aware of, but those details aren’t always clearly laid out. So when it comes to interpreting a mans dream, focus on the why of what’s happening rather than the who and that will provide a clearer picture of the dreams meaning.