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Why Do Guys Facebook Stalk Their Ex Girlfriends

I don’t understand Facebook. I used it for about one year when it was first introduced, and quit. It felt like a popularity contest and giving other people access to what’s going on in my life never appealed to me so I hit that deactivate account button and never looked back.

Well until a week ago. Facebook has become so large that it leaks into almost every website on the internet.

Oh you want to comment on this article? Well use your Facebook Account.

Oh you want to order a pizza? Use your Facebook Account.

Oh you want to turn your computer on? Use facebook..Its crazy

On that dark day last week I reactivated my Facebook so that I could access a specific website.

That reactivation of my Facebook grew into curiosity. Curiosity about my ex girlfriends, what was going on in their lives, and for the next hour I became a Facebook stalker.

I am sure numerous men have done this, and there’s no shame in it.

Well unless you truly are a stalker and are using Facebook to kidnap women, otherwise I don’t see it as a huge deal. However it does leave some wondering, why?

What is it with guys that Facebook stalk their ex girlfriends?

Curiosity About Her Life

For this to be a factor it takes a combination of curiosity and not being on speaking terms with an ex girlfriend, which I am guilty of….with all of them.

It’s not a case of me being mean after a breakup or that  we hate each other, in fact most of the breakups were smooth with no ill feelings.

I am just a believer of when breaking up with someone that you love that  the best course of action is to move on completely rather than risk rekindling the relationship that has already been broken.

However even though a guy can not be on speaking terms with his ex girlfriend, it does not mean that he doesn’t care about her.

Even with her currently just being an ex girlfriend, there was a period that she was more.

When she was a girlfriend, she was a large part of the guys life and he cared for her. That type of caring doesn’t just disappear into thin air.

He may still care about her, not exactly in the romantic sense but as a person. This leads guys to see what’s going on in her life.

Is she doing good? Is she happy?etc.

Misses Her

Sometimes whats going on in the guys mind is more than curiosity. There is the possibility that he misses his ex girlfriend. Perhaps he can’t find the words to tell her he misses her.

This can happen whether he is single, or in a relationship. Hell, some guys in relationships even dream about their ex girlfriend.

Missing her could be that he wants to get back to together but it could also just mean he misses some aspect of the relationship with no intention of anything more.

Wants to Rekindle the Romance

A guy Facebook stalking his ex girlfriend sometimes is a recon mission. Checking to see if she has a boyfriend, and if so, seeing how serious that relationship is.

He wants to see if there’s a chance to get back together with her, and is using the information from Facebook to make that determination.

Her Facebook status, her pictures, her comments. All these are used to as information that he uses to decide his next move.

So after Facebook stalking my ex girlfriends for an hour, I caught myself and deactivated my account. I wish there was a delete Facebook option to further ensure there is no going back.

But for now I am stuck with only my resolve.

Regardless though  it was still good to see that all of my ex girlfriends are doing good in their lives and I am happy for them.

I wish them the best and hope this post sheds some light on how guys think, providing answers to why do guys Facebook stalk their ex girlfriends.