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Why Do Guys Drunk Dial Exes

Ah yes, drunk dialing exes. I’ll be honest and admit that I have been guilty of this many times in the past.

Like the Sirens call of Greek mythology that was responsible for sinking numerous ships of sailors that passed by. There is an irresistible allure for guys to sink their emotional ships by calling their ex-girlfriends when drunk.

To look through your contacts and see her name, it is as if her name dares you to call. “Do it “it says, “You know you want to”.

But why do we cave? Why can we not fight the siren call and turn our ship away from the obvious dangers of drunk dialing an ex?


Yes, I am blaming the alcohol. It is there when we need it and has never forsaken us. Like a good friend it always listens to our problems, however like all friends it does sometimes cause us to make bad decisions.

Alcohol is like a sedative to our nervous system and greatly affects the part of our brain responsible for emotion and behaviour.

This cause the judgements we make to be impaired and lowers our inhibitions. Bad ideas seem like great ideas.

Streaking in the middle of winter, Peeing on the side-walk, hell even punching a baby can be rationalized by a drunken guy.

So after a few rounds of alcohol, calling an ex at 2am to ask about her day can seem like an amazing idea.

We Miss you

As women know, a lot of men tend to hide their feelings. This is especially true after a break-up  To admit to ourselves and those around us that we are hurt is difficult and a blow to our ego.

Instead we bottle it up inside, however after a few drinks that bottle opens slightly. Random items or events can trigger memories of a past relationship, causing any unresolved feeling to come to the surface.

We begin to question the reasons behind the break up; did we make a mistake letting her go? This train of thought leads us down a spiral of thoughts.

Thoughts that eventually leads to a guy calling her just to hear her voice again or to make drunken proclamations of love.


“Are you up?”, “What’s going on tonight?”, and “What are you up to now?” are the kinds of questions a girl can get when a drunken ex calls her. These are questions to see if she is free.

Why? Because the guy is interested in meeting up, most likely for the horizontal tango.

When drinking the lines between past and present can get blurred, feeling that because you were once intimately involved, that option is still on the table

However regardless of the reason behind the drunk dial, the core of why do guys drunk dial exes is that she is still on his mind, and the alcohol provides him with the liquid courage to express those thoughts.