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Why Do Girls Wear Makeup

Girls are interesting creatures. My family owns a chain of stores that specializes in beauty supplies so the employees consisted of entirely girls. Throughout the years growing up and working at that family business, I would always notice that the employees were always wearing makeup; some of them wore too much make up.

Initially I figured that because they worked in an environment in which beauty products were are all around them and to an extent they are expected to look beautiful they were drawn to wear makeup.


However as I went on dates, I would notice the same trend. The girls I’d go out with were wearing extensive amounts of makeup. Perhaps I attracted girls with a subconscious need to be circus clowns? Who knows.

Eventually my curiosity got the best of me and I had to find out why girls wear makeup, even asking one of my dates.

This is what I found out.


In today’s world that is filled with media and advertisements flaunting models with big breasts, thin bodies, long hair, and just a little too under dressed. This makes girl’s feel like that look is the norm creating a desire in them to be just like those models, pressuring them to try to achieve unrealistic standards.

This is why girls are wearing make up at earlier ages than in the past because as time passes society is becoming more and more sexualized and focused on physical appearance. Though to be fair this mentality about the importance of looks as always been around, it is just that these days it is more prominent.


With pressure that society has placed on girls to look like super models. Some girls feel insecure when they are not naturally as attractive as society tells them they should be. Because of this insecurity they use makeup to cover their flaws and enhance their looks in an attempt to reach social standards of beauty.

The ironic part is that some of the most insecure girls are super models, due to their job being based around their looks; they associate their value with their looks. Making them much more paranoid about their beauty than a girl whose job doesn’t revolve around her looks.


Some girls wear makeup as a form of expression of self. They try their creativity by mixing colors that others may not try, using make up to enhance the look of her outfit. Perhaps she is feeling “fiery” that day so they wear red lipstick as a way to express her feelings.


Oh yes… men. One of the reasons women wear thongs, push up bras, fake eyelashes and tons of other items to enhance their beauty. They feel that by wearing makeup they become more attractive and that increases their confidence, increasing the likely hood that they will attract men.

Although I can understand the reasoning for girls wearing makeup. I encourage those girls not to make the decision to wear makeup because you feel that you won’t be beautiful without it. This is a horrible trap to fall into that will continue to make you feel needy and insecure.

You will constantly be worried about what others think, making you into an approval seeker and less focused on what actually makes you happy. Remember you are beautiful as you are, and don’t let anyone tell you different.