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Why Are Women Always Cold

I was visiting a couple that are friends of mine. They would constantly fight about the thermo stat, “Thermostat wars” they called it. She would always turn the thermostat up so the heat of the house could compete with the circle of hell and he would turn the temperature down to the point that you can see the air you exhale.

Sometimes it got quite vicious and argumentative and at times it was like watching a bad reality show, but is there really another kind?

It was quite an interesting experience and brought back memories of dates I would have at the movie theater. My date would always ask me for my jacket to help her stay warm in the theater.

It got to the point that I would always bring a jacket to the theater even though I wasn’t cold because I knew my date would ask, or not so subtly imply with the look in her eyes.

Making me wonder why are women always cold or at least why are women always colder than men.

Muscles Mass

Women have less muscle mass than men, along with the muscles being less dense than men. In regards to men, because of the extra muscle mass, this provides a form of insulation from the cold. Along with insulation having more muscle means more blood vessels are needed to supply the muscles, that extra blood that flows to the muscles helps keep men warmer than women.


Our metabolism is one of the ways our body regulates our internal temperature. That is why when you work out you feel warmer and why you will see runners in winter not wearing tons of clothing to protect them from the cold. When our muscles work, our metabolism increases and keeps us warm.

Metabolism is related to our body mass and muscles, since women typically have less than men their metabolism is lower and will result in a woman feeling colder than men when the temperature drops.


Though not by a substantial amount hair keeps us warmer, by providing insulation. When you are cold the hairs stand up on tightening pores and creating insulation to help trap heat and regulate your body temperature.

Since women have less hair than men along with women tending to shave the hair they do have, the insulation provided by the hair is less and she will feel colder.


I know putting the word fat and women in the same sentence is dangerous but bear with me. According to Professor Nigel Taylor, at the University of Wollongong’s School of Health Sciences, an expert on human temperature regulation, one of the reasons why women are always cold is because of the body fat distribution.

He says “An average woman might have 20 to 25 per cent body fat, whereas an average guy might have about 15 per cent. When we get cold, we conserve heat by reducing the blood flow to the skin.”

“When a woman reduces the blood flow to the skin, the temperature of the skin drops as the blood has been moved below her layer of fat.

“A man will tend not to experience such a big change as a female, because he doesn’t have the same distribution of fat. This is why skin temperature is, on average, cooler for a woman than a man.”

Now even though at the core temperature a man and woman’s temperature will be the same, we react to the temperature of our skin. So with a woman skin getting colder more easily her brain will signal to her she is colder faster and partly answers the question of why are women always cold.