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Why Are Men So Mean After A Break Up

Break ups can send men through a roller coaster of emotions. Emotions that can cause men to react in a variety of ways.

One of those ways is by being mean to the woman that he once was with. This can cause the woman to wonder why are men so mean after a break up.

Bruised Ego

All men have egos, some larger than others but to an extent all men are a victim of pride and ego. This is because some men mistake having an ego with confidence and others are compensating for a lack of something else.


Whichever the reason, a break up can damaged the male ego especially if he is the dumpee rather than the dumper. A bruised ego can then cause a man to lash out in anger at the reason for the bruising, i.e. the person that broke up with him.


This is an feeling that can cause a man to lash out in anger after a break up, regret over a decision made. Perhaps for some reason he regrets the break up with her.

Seeing her reminds then him of the regret of that decision so because it again comes back to her, he directs his anger at her.

Bottled Emotions

It’s no secret that men hide their feelings. Women have always been better at expressing their feelings and tend not to bottle it up. This is another reason why some men are so mean after a break up.


They do not know how to handle or express the feelings to others how they feel about the break up.

This is why men after a break up will withdraw becoming anti social or why some men drink extensively after a break up.

This is the same with being mean to a woman, they do not what to do, that confusion causes anger which then leads to him being mean.

There is only so long a person can keep their feelings bottled. The bottling of his emotions will eventually hit a boiling point causing him to react in anger over even the smallest issue.

A man being mean after a break up is difficult experience for any woman. To go from a loving relationship with a man to dealing with a man that seems to always be mean when he sees you can take its toll.

Just remember that the reason behind his display doesn’t directly have to do with you but rather reflects on the way that he is handling the break up internally.

So stay strong and give him space and hopefully over time he will properly learn how to deal with his emotions rather than directing them towards you.