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How To Tell If A Guy Likes You Through Facebook

With Facebook being the most popular social media platform today allowing over 1.9 Billion people to stay connected with one another, it is no surprise that numerous romantic relationships are being started using it.

This being the case it is good for a girl to be able to tell if a guy likes her through Facebook, so that she doesn’t miss a potentially great relationship or at the very least knows that she has the option available to her if she so chooses.

So what are some signs that guy is interested through Facebook?


The facebook messenger application is a great peek into the mind of a guy and letting a girl know that he is interested in her.

If he is messages you as soon as you log on, or shortly after you log on,  He is noticing you and can not wait to talk to you.

Does he frequently message you? This is a good sign because it shows that you are frequently on his mind, and if a guy thoughts are frequently drifting towards you it means he interested in you.

Similar to knowing if a guy likes you through text messaging by how quickly he responds, this is the same when Facebook messaging a guy.

The quicker a guy responds the more focused on the conversation and you he is, and focus is related to importance.

If he is focusing a great deal of his attention on you, it means he finds you important. More important than anything else going on in his life at that moment.

Likes and Comments

Every time you post a new photo or comment he wastes no time hitting the thumbs up button and posting a comment.

If it is one or two times this is not a sure sign he likes you however if he frequently does it, then it shows that he is interested in you.


Facebook status messages at times can flood your notifications and this is because a large amount of people use it to express how they are feeling at that time.

Sometimes it is because they do not know how to say it to the person directly, if a guy likes you there is a possibility that he may leave clues in his status message expressing that.

For example if his status message is a lyric from a love song, this could be because of how he is feeling emotionally at that time, when combined with the fact he is frequently messaging you.

This could signify those feelings are directed towards you. Facebook status messages are not always clear cut so its important not to always take them at face value.

Try reading behind the lines in conjunction with what you have learned about the guy to see if the status message is about you.


If a guy is showing multiple of the signs listed above then there is no doubt he likes you or at the very least is interested in you as a person.