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How to Tell If A Girl Likes You

How to tell if a girl likes you? A thought that has gone through my mind, his mind, your mind, maybe even through the Popes mind at some point in their lives. Girls are complicated creatures and through their complication many girls have left guys trying to figure out their intentions.

Though some guys may disagree, girls don’t do this to mess with us. It is just that guys and girls think and communicate differently, and what is obvious to one side is not obvious to the other.

But worry no more; no longer will the question of “does she like me” plague your thoughts anymore.


Non Verbal Signs


A term taken from birds and another term for personal grooming.  No this doesn’t mean that if a girl is putting on her makeup, or brushing her hair in front of you that she has the hots for you, It is much more subtle that. If she plays with her hair, adjusts her dress, plays with her bracelet or performs any action that is meant to make her more attractive these are the cues to look for.

When a girl is preening around a guy she is subconsciously trying to make herself more attractive so as to get the guys attention.

Another reason for preening is to release tension.

Similar to the way a person may tap their feet to release their impatient energy that they are feeling. A girl may play with her hair, or fidget with her bracelet because the guy is making her feel nervous. This is a feeling that tends to happen when we are attracted to a person nearby.

Eye Contact

Do you catch her sneaking a peak at you? This means that she has some interest for you. Making eye contact with another person though non verbal is a very personal action.

If a girl makes multiple eye contact or lingering eye contact (looking for more than a few seconds.) this is her attempt to get your attention, either that or her attempt to give you the death stare.

Flirting with the eyes happens frequently throughout the day so it is important to stay relax and observant so as to notice the girls that have taken an interest in you.


Like eye contact touching another person is a personal action. Would you randomly touch a stranger on the side walk? Most people would say no. This requires a certain level of comfort so if a girl is touching you it signals that she is comfortable with you.

If she does it frequently then this is another way of her trying to gain your attention. Her touch is basically saying “Hey look at me!”

If you are still unsure, touch her back. Nowhere inappropriate, we don’t want a sexual harassment suit but a touch on the arm.  See how she responds, is she comfortable with your touch? Does she smile, or blush? Any of these are strong indications that a girl likes you.


Everyone has a personal space bubble. This bubble is smaller or larger depending on the person that we are with.

To let a person in your space is a sign of trust and comfort with that person. So if a girl is letting you in her personal bubble or is invading yours, this is a sign of that she wants to be close to you and is ok with the both of you being close.

Another point to note is that if she is frequently chooses to be near you.

If you are going to the movies with friends,  going to a bar, or simply just hanging out at the house with friends.

If she always chooses to be near you when she doesn’t have to, this signals her attempt to get you to notice her and that she is most comfortable around you.

Verbal Signs


This doesn’t necessarily mean a compliment about your looks though if she does come out and say that you are hot, you are golden.

However she can compliment you on other things such as your voice, how you performed on a project or simply the choice of pants you decided to wear.

This is her way of trying to build rapport with you, though beware some girls are simply just friendly and may just compliment you because that’s who they are.

It is important to look for multiple cues, for example she compliments you and as she does it she plays with her hair. That is a great sign that she likes you.


If a girl is frequently asking you what are your plans this is her way of trying to find out if you are free. So in cases like this, after you answer her ask her what her plans are. If she is also doing nothing, this is a chance to ask her out.

Mention for example that you may rent a movie and that she should come hang out, that it will be fun.

Also if she frequently inviting you to come to hang out with her or her friends this is a sign that she like you.

Initiations contact

Initiating contact first is a sign of investment, to be the first person to make a move even if it is simply a text “what’s up?” is her putting herself out on the line. There is always a chance she can be ignored, or rejected. This is one of the reasons why a girl may play hard to get.

So if a girl is willing to put herself on the line and be the one to initiate contact this is strong sign that she likes you and you are worth the risk.

As you’ve noticed most of these points a girl doesn’t directly come out at state she likes you. This is because most girls like the guy to make the move, to sweep her off her feet.

Her job is to subtly signal to the guy she likes that she open and available. She opens the door and the guy decides whether to walk through, so use these signs and don’t let another opportunity pass you by.