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How To Tell If a Girl Has A Boyfriend

There is particular girl that’s caught your eye. She is beautiful, funny, smart and has all the qualities that makes you want to take things beyond friendship.

But you are worried. Worried that she has a boyfriend. Perhaps a crazed boyfriend that at any moment will leap from the bushes and pounce on any guy that’s interested in his girlfriend.

I can confirm to you with 98.1% certainty that this never happens but wanting to know if a girl has a boyfriend is the right move so as to save you from investing time and energy in a girl that’s taken.

Ask Her

The most sure fire way is to come right out and ask her does she have a boyfriend. There is nothing taboo about asking such a question.

It does however run the risk of letting her know that you are interested in her. If you do not want her to know just yet or rather not ask her, there are other signs that girls give off if they have a boyfriend.

Mentions Him

If you and the girl are friends and speak on a consistent basis, at some point she will mention she has a boyfriend.

Perhaps she may not use the term boyfriend but if she is frequently mentioning that she is going out with Bob, she may be already taken.

Social Media

With social media being such a large part of people’s lives providing an outlet to talk about their life. Some women post their relationship status though it.

Keep an eye out for her relationship status on Facebook, or her photos posted on Facebook or Instagram for example.

Does she have numerous recent photos with her and one guy? Perhaps photo of them holding one another or kissing? Then this is a sign she has a boyfriend.


Most notable jewellery such as a promise ring will signify she is seeing someone.

Jewellery tends to be a gift men give to women they are involved with. so if you see her suddenly wearing jewellery after her birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s day or any other gift giving holiday she potentially received this from a man in her life.

Body Language

Take notice how receptive she is to other guys. Is she playing with her hair and being particularly flirty with one guy, this may be her guy or atleast a guy she is interested in.

However if she does seems receptive to other guys, then she is single.

If you she is not displaying any of these signs, that’s a green light to move full steam ahead and ask her out

But If you see a girl displaying one or more of these then she is taken but that doesn’t mean she won’t be receptive to another guy.

Her relationship may be rocky or on the outs and she is looking for a guy that can treat her better, so dont count yourself out if she taken.