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How To Get Your Girlfriend To Lose Weight And Not Get Slapped

So you’ve decided to play with fire. To attempt to get your girlfriend to lose weight. A dangerous task because all men know how sensitive a woman is about her weight.

It’s even a rule to never ask a woman her weight or age. Though I can understand why some men would do it.

There are several reasons that a man may have a basis to ask his girlfriend to lose weight such as increased health risk, or an attraction for thinner girls..

Lucky for you, I’ve undertaken this task on more than one occasion. I dated girls that at first were thin but over the course of the relationship they began to gain weight.

Perhaps it was my cooking? Who knows but the point is I preferred them thin like when I first met them, so I tried my hand to get them to lose weight.

Physical Activities

In a relationship its common for a couple to get involved in activities or events together. This provides them the opportunity to bond while also gaining new experiences.

By choosing activities that are more physical, this will help her to not only become more physically fit but also more active with the increase physical activity.

For example biking, This can be done in the park or better yet the beach. After the ride you can have a picnic, play frisbee, or even just lay down and stare at the sky.

Providing you with a moment to relax and converse on a personal 1 on 1 level after the bike ride.

Other examples of fun activities you can do together is Swimming, Yoga, Rock Climbing, Frisbee, Skating, Skiing to name a few.

I would avoid the gym as an activity, because though it is good for shedding weight, it may be too obvious of your intention for her to lose weight.

Make Her Dinner

If you are at the phase of your relationship in which you frequently eat together whether it is out at a restaurant or home, provides you the opportunity to show her more healthy alternatives.

Suggest that you make her dinner a romantic dinner once a week, or bring her breakfast in bed.

This will not only woo her with the initiative you’ve taken but also make her feel pampered and loved.

Giving you the opportunity to make low-calorie meals and showing her there are alternatives.

Do It As A Couple

Instead of getting her to lose weight by her self, do it as a couple.  Talk about getting in shape for the summer. Plan your meals together and work out together.

Discuss the fun of getting to experience more new things together. You can go to the gym, work out and be playful with one another.

By making he weight loss about the both of you, it doesn’t put the pressure on her, and she will be more inclined to do it.

Ask Her

And finally there is always the option to ask her. I’ll be honest, no matter how this is done there is always the risk of hurting her feelings due to the sensitive nature of the topic.

If you still do want to proceed with this option, the best way I have found is to be direct, brief but also caring.

You don’t want to discuss it for a length of time because the longer the conversation goes on the more awkward she will feel.

You want to get in and out then give her time to think and decide.

When talking about it, first talk about how much you care for her, and that you have strong feelings for her, but you would like to talk about her weight.

Mention the physical attributes about her that you love, like her beautiful hair, eyes, butt, etc but you would like for her to lose few pounds, and mention why.

If you are worried about her health talk about that. If it’s about physical attraction still talk about health.

I jest but don’t linger on the why.

The important thing is to let her know what you want .The “why” almost doesn’t matter, because at end of the day the decision is going to be based on what she wants.

You can only nudge her in a certain direction.