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How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text

There are many great ways to ask a girl out on a date. It used to be that it was only acceptable to ask a girl out in person. However, technological advances and societal changes regarding dating make it easier to ask for a date electronically. How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text while ensuring that the answer is yes?

Ease Into The Question

The last thing that you want to do is ask her out at the beginning of the conversation. It comes across as forced and too pushy. What you want to do is start a conversation with her about anything other than going out on a date. This allows you to segue into the question in a natural way that doesn’t seem too overbearing.


For example, you may want to talk about a mutual interest in hiking to begin the conversation. From there, you can ask her to go on a hike with you next weekend.

Make Sure There Is No Auto Correcting On Your Phone

Most phones made these days have an auto correct feature built in to the text messaging software. Although this is meant for convenience, it can be your worst nightmare when hiking turns into pie king or something even worse.

A girl may still respond negatively to your text message even if your phone sent something that you would have never sent to a lady that you didn’t know that well. The best thing to do is to make sure that only the text that you mean to send gets sent. That will avoid a lot of issues and make sure that you get that first date.

Give Her Time To Respond

The other great thing about smartphones is that they will tell you when a person has seen a message that you have sent. This gives you a confirmation that the girl you have asked out has seen your text message. The natural first reaction is to assume that she will text back right away.

However, you should give her at least 24 hours to respond to your request for a date. Although a delayed response is never a good sign, you never know why the delay has occurred.

Her phone could have shut off or stop working properly after you sent the message. Give her the benefit of the doubt and be patient while waiting for her reply. If you push her, she will fall off of the fence and squarely into the yard of no.

Asking a girl out through text message is an easy way to ask the question without the pressure of seeing her in person. If you do ask a girl for a date through a text message, remember to follow all of the rules. You should ease your way into the question, make sure that your phone doesn’t change your message and give her time to respond. If you follow these rules, you will most likely get the date that you have coveted.