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Why Some Women Like Abusive Relationships

On the radio there’s a huge debate going on. A politician while talking about the mid year financial budget, made a comparison or joke about how the current situation is similar to being in an physically abusive relationship.

That some women don’t feel like you love them unless you hit them. A dangerous metaphor for a politician to use in todays society and with no surprise it sparked an uproar.

A female politician got up and chastised him for even mentioning women and abuse in the same sentence.

She further pointed out that no woman likes abuse and that it was dangerous to even suggest such a thought process.

Though I do not support abuse of women in any kind I did have to disagree with her statement about no woman liking abuse.

The world is filled with billions of women and amongst those women I personally feel there are women that do like to be abused, whether it be physical or verbal abuse, which can be traced back to their childhood.

Daddy Issues

I mentioned in a previous post that all women have daddy issues, this isn’t meant to be negative or that all the daddy issues are negative.

My point was that with young girls and boys being psychological sponges they are especially vulnerable to what happens in their household.

With the father being the first male influence in their life and the major influence during this phase, girls will mold some of the traits that they like from their relationship with their dad.

If she had a father that was into sports and frequently took her to games and they bonded with sports then it is natural for her to have a positive association with men and sports.

That later on in life that one of the traits she likes in men is that they love sports.

A similar situation can happen with abuse. If a young girl has a abusive relationship with her father, she could form an association between love and abuse.

Her father abused her because he loved her, with that connection in her mind especially when she is vulnerable to what she sees, hears and feels. This can carry into adulthood and adult relationships.

She will feel that unless the man she is with abuses her she won’t feel love.

With the issue of abuse  the politician was wrong using that metaphor however in regards to some women liking it from their male partner I have to agree with.

Granted such cases are more of an exception rather than the rule.