Why Do Women Wear High Heels

Why do women wear high heels

Oh, women you make me smile. I walked by my younger sister shopping online for new Christmas high heels. I doubt Christmas really had anything to do with it,  so much as the fact she simply loves shoes especially high heels. Her collection would put the former star of sex in the city Carrie Bradshaw to shame.

I sat with her for a few minutes attempting to explain the negative impacts of frequently wearing high heels. Impacts such as the fact the heel forces you to walk on the front end of your foot causing more pressure on your knees, back and calves. Over time this will call issues especially in her older years.

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The advice fell on deaf ears and she shrugged it off, “What can I say I love heels”, to think that some women will sacrifice so much for a few cm. Which makes men wonder why do women wear heels?


The benefits of high heels are mostly aesthetic they make a woman’s leg seem longer, arches their back bringing more attention to the butt and also making her look taller. Similar to how a thong can make a woman feel more attractive, wearing high heels can have the same effect.

By a woman feeling more attractive she will be more confident, and act according to how she feels internally. The fact that high heels makes a woman look taller also makes her feel more powerful since it puts her closer to the eye level of others or higher.

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To be looked down up, can make a person feel less powerful similar to how you would look down on a child. This is why some women of power love to wear high heels and why royalty in the past would wear tall shoes while peasants were not allowed to.

Opposite Sex

Women wear high heels to bring attention to certain aspects of their body such as their calves, legs, back and butts. So they appear more attractive and though some women genuinely do it for themselves, some women do it to gain the attention of men.

Men find women with defined hips and long legs attractive. This is because of a combination of evolution and what society has mental engrained in them to like.

The height advantage in this case combined with being used to come off more powerful allows her to stand out from the crowd of other women by being slightly taller. Being unique is another attractive trait because we as people love what is uncommon.


Why do women wear high heels?

  • To feel more confident
  • To feel more attractive
  • To feel more empowered
  • To attract men
  • To use as a weapon in dangerous situations
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