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Why Do Women Tease Men

One summer at my family business there was a women that constantly teased me. I am not talking about the type of teasing where you would pull each others hair and make fun of one another but rather the teasing that consists of sexual innuendos and playful flirting.

It all started when she asked me how come I never tried my hand with her, because I had dated a few of the other employees in the past.

I responded with she simply wasn’t my type, and left it at that. The truth was I got a Playerette vibe from her, that she was extremely talented in dealing with men, and getting what she wants, though she was attractive I had no interest in doing that dance.

This only fueled her, and the flirtatious teasing began. Initially it started with subtle comments about us getting together and quickly escalated to touching.

She would tease me then pull away thinking I would chase her, but I knew better and never took the bait.

That was until she trapped me in the storeroom, kissed me and in one brief moment I gave in and she pulled away claiming she had a boyfriend.

Well played Madam.

There is much more to this story but I would like to focus on why she went through all the trouble to tease me only to pull away at the finish line.


The attention women receive from teasing, makes them feel desired, and part of their identity is attached to being attractive due to insecurity.

Partly because of the weight society puts on women to be attractive. Society standards of beauty is that all women should have air brushed smooth skin, slim waists with large hips, long beautiful hair, etc.

With this pressure it should come as no surprise that this will cause insecurity in some women causing them to constantly feel the need to be validated from men.

Attention Seeking

Women have become extremely accustomed to receiving attention from men. Some even take it to the point that receiving attention from men becomes part of their identity in which they base their worth on how much attention they receive.

This is why extremely beautiful woman tend to be insecure.

So when my co-worker did not receive the male attention that she was so accustomed to receiving she took it as a challenge. A challenge to prove to herself that she is still attractive.

This is why with each  failed attempt to get my attention, she push the line even further until she eventually got the attention she wanted, and then pulled away.

So next time that a woman pins you down in a storeroom only to tease you in an attempt to seek validation. Remember that it is not anything personal, she doesn’t do it to directly upset you.

She does it due to the personal issues that she has developed due to her own securities created by the unachievable standards of beauty that society has created for women.