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Why Do Women Read Romance Novels

Erotica and romance novels have become increasingly popular in recent years. Either that or women have become more comfortable reading their books in the light of day instead of the dim light of their bedroom.

Before it seemed that romance novels were a thing of secret, but these day you see women on the trains, at work, bookstores or even walking down the street reading such books.

It was not until the popularity of the Fifty Shades of Grey books than I decided that maybe I should see what is the deal with these books. That perhaps reading a few may give me a peak into the complicated minds of women.

Well I am here to tell you that after reading several of these books, I am no closer to decoding the female psyche, sorry guys. However I do have some insights into why do women read romance novels.


The world  is filled with distractions, a world in which we are bombarded by advertisements and marketing. A world that pushes us to want things that we do not truly need, or makes us feel that we are not good enough.

“Buy more clothes”, it says. “You need a fancier car or bigger house.” All these distractions can be overwhelming. Being able to read a book and on some level relate to the character provides an escape from this world.

With the flip of every page she enters a world of romance, a place where a man is not afraid to walk up to a beautiful woman and sweep her off her feet. Not afraid to pursue her and only her, going to no limits to show that she is the one for her.

This kind of romance is being lost in today’s society.

With each new technology that brings us closer, women and men lose touch. No longer do men women buy women flower to woo her but instead poke her on face book.

No longer do men randomly stop a beautiful woman on the side-walk to get to know what she is about but rather meets her on an online dating site.

There is a certain romantic passion that we once had that is slowing disappearing. Reading a romance novel brings a woman back to that time, reminds her that there is still romance and true intimacy in the world. The romance novel keeps hope burning in her.


The books I read pulled no punches. This is personally why I believe the Fifty Shades of Grey books are so popular.

Though the world has made great leaps for women right and women equality, when it comes to sex women still get judged by most. More than 7 sexual partners in your lifetime? Slut!

These types of judgements cause women to become a bit more reserved when it comes to this topic. By reading an erotica romance novel, the book in a way lets the woman know that it is OK to be sexual adventurous, that fantasies or desires she feels are completely normal and sex is nothing to be ashamed of.

It lets her mentally enjoy her fantasies without the fear of judgment from others. This is a freeing for a woman who has been shackled by the worry of being judged.

So in short the reason women read romance novels is because it allows them to escape the world and experience what she normally doesn’t or experience what she is too afraid to .

Perhaps one day that may all change, I look forward to that day.