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Why Do Women Like Men With Expensive Cars

Today my co-worker came to work with a new a blue Audi sports car. I looked out the window and judging by the looks of it, it’s a stylish small 2 seater. It’s the type of car a man who is going through a mid-life crisis would buy, meaning that it is not practical for everyday living.

Seeing that he makes average pay I had to question his choice. His response? “The women love it”. If I were 10 years younger I’d question his intelligence and how he got this job.

However with my present knowledge, if his sole goal is to attract women his reason actually makes sense because women do like men with expensive cars.

I learned that fact very early growing up in the Bahamas. Though then there weren’t a lot of very wealthy men.

For most men instead of buying expensive cars like Ferrari’s, Porsches and Aston Martins to attract women, the men bought expensive accessories, accessories like rims, fancy light, mini televisions, fish tanks, stereo systems and window tints.

Ridiculous right? What’s even more ridiculous was that it worked.

Women loved it. The car was the bait and it was effective in reeling women in but why?

What I later learned was that it was not the car that women liked but rather what the car represents. A man with an expensive car is a status symbol, it shows that he is wealthy, that he has high status and even possibly power.

So the question really is…

why do women like men with power, wealth and status?

One reason for their attraction is biology. Imagine a time before today’s society, a time where men were hunters and women gatherers. One of the roles of a man was to protect his woman from danger, and to give security to her and their offspring.

This is the same mentality that to an extent still exists today, but instead of providing protection and security by slaying animals for food and clothing. Men provide security in today’s world through money and social status, so those become the new indicators of what to look for in a man.

Men who are wealthy are usually ambitious, confident and smart, which for a woman is extremely attractive. This is not to imply that a less wealthy man cannot have these traits because rich and powerful men usually don’t start rich and powerful.

It is just that if you were to see two men walking down the street, one is wearing a McDonald’s uniform and the other an Armani suit. You would be more inclined to believe the man with the suit has those traits because you in a way can see it.

Now I can see the women readying their typing fingers, preparing long notes to leave in the comments that those days are behind us. Women have worked hard for equality and independence and the last thing they want is to depend on a man.

I completely agree, women have made giant leaps and progressed a great deal in the past decades. Women are making more money, are more independent and are every bit as capable and equal as men.

However you also have to remember that the days in which most women were house wives and dependant on a man for financial stability are not that long ago. Such a switch in mentality doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time, a long time.

So it makes sense that for some women there is a residual feeling of being attracted to a man with power, wealth, and status and to see a man with an expensive car that symbolizes that is still attractive to them.

Regardless of how silly and impractical a two seat blue Audi sports car is.