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Why Do Women Like Men in Relationships

As a guy have you ever noticed that when you are single it seems impossible to find a woman to be with. It is as if you are wearing some sort of woman repellant, and getting with in 50 feet of a woman sends them running for the hills.

However the moment you get involved with a woman romantically that all begins to change.

Women begin to take notice of you as you walk by, make jokes with you while you wait in line, doing pretty much everything but throwing their panties at you to take notice of them.

It is as if God has decided to mock you, to only give you this superpower when you don’t need it. Like Aqua man on a planet with no ocean.

But is really some superpower gift from God or is there something more to it, a reason to why women are more drawn to men that are in relationships than men that are single?

Well yes.

Stamp of Approval

When a man is involved in a relationship it signals to other women that he has traits about him that a woman would find an attractive. It is similar to restaurant.

A passerby is more likely to stop into a restaurant that is full than one that is empty because if people are in there, it must mean the food is good.

So when a guy is involved it means that a woman doesn’t have to worry about him being a stalker, creeper, serial killer or anything of the sort. It means he is safe.


A man in a relationship provides a challenge, and there are some women that enjoy the thrill of a challenge. They are drawn to the forbidden fruit like Eve in the garden of Eden.

If she is able to take one bite of the forbidden fruit, to steal him away just once. Her success must mean she more tempting than the women he is currently with.

This provides a rush, a ego boost to know that she has that type of power. That a man finds her more desirable than other women.


Men in relationships give off a subtle confidence, like a new age James Bond. They are no longer a single man on the prowl for a woman. No need to scan the bar left and right like a wolf looking for a lost sheep.

They have a good woman at home so they show no interest in other women. No need to try to win her attention, try be funny or charming all in an attempt to gain her approval. He doesn’t care because he doesn’t want her.

This allows him to be himself without fear and complete confidence.That portrayal of confidence is very attractive to women.

So next time you are in a relationship and it as if women can not stop showing you signs of interest. Dont worry, it is all not some sick joke by the higher powers but rather a different way that women are seeing you because if your relationship.