Why Do Women Cheat With Married Men

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Why do women cheat with married men? This is a question that runs through the minds of every woman that has heard of a husband cheating or caught her husband’s infidelity.

Why would he cheat and why would the woman get involved in a relationship with a married man run through her mind.

Does she simply not respect sanctity of marriage or is marriage not as exclusive as it once was?

Well there is a variety of possible reasons for a woman cheating with a married man.

Lack of Knowledge

Some married men when they are planning to cheat do not wear their ring. They meet a woman and later on she find out that he is married via other means. Perhaps she heard from a friend, saw the wedding band tan line on his finger or even may have been approached by his wife.

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Whichever the reason she unknowingly got involved with a married man. By the time she discovers the truth, the feelings she has for him are already strong. This can make leaving him quite difficult despite his relationship status.

Forbidden Fruit

People love to be challenged. We love things that are just out of our reach because working for it gives us a thrill and a sense of achievement when it is obtained. Though most women will consider trying to date a married man as wrong, some will view it as a challenge.

Similar to Eve in the Garden of Eden, the allure of the forbidden fruit can be overwhelming for some. The woman may enjoy the chase. She flirts, flashes a smile, bats her eyes lashes and plays with her hair to get his attention. All in an attempt to prove to herself that she is so irresistible that she can draw in any man, even a married one.


A feeling of loneliness or depression comes over her. We have all been there. Maybe a family member passed, she got fired from her job or some other negative. Whatever the reason, she met him at a time in which she was feeling down. Any man that met her in that instance would have had a chance to be with her, but the one that came was a married man.

The attention and compliments he gave her lifts her mood and provides an escape from reality. She gets lost in the moment and the high she feels kicks in. She sleeps with him just so she can feel better, to feel some sort of love. And through that act, that moment of weakness a relationship is formed.

No String Attached

A non committed relationship can be appealing to a woman at a certain stage in her life. She can be focused on her career and doesn’t have the time or interest to date a man whom she will have to give a 100 percent for the relationship to work.

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A married man provides an alternative, a relationship in which there is little to no chance of developing beyond a certain point. While with a single man, even though an agreement for a non committed relationship can be formed, because he is single there is a higher risk of him gaining more feelings and wanting more out of the relationship.

Lack of Options

As we get older the amount of married couples increases. This makes the dating pool smaller as time passes. A woman as she ages may start to feel that there are not anymore good men out there.

For example, she is 38 and works for a small company with 10 employees. In her mind 9 of the men there are jerks and not her type and the one man that is nice and charming is married.

She knows he is married but due to thinking there are not enough good men. The fear of being alone causes her to wonder wonders if it would make sense to steal another woman’s man to get a good man. Thoughts then turn in action.

 Daddy Issues

A woman that grew up with an absentee father figure or one that ignored her may have created father related insecurities. The unattainability of the married man reminds her of the inability to receive her father’s attention. To gain the attention of the married man in a way makes her feels as if she has gained the love and approval of her father.


One of the women I worked with had a relationship with a married for 2 years. When I asked her the reasons why, her reply was “he takes care of me”. She knew that he would never leave his wife and even if he did men always come back to their wife.

Because he is unable to give her all the attention and time she needs. He compensates for this with money and gifts so as to prevent her from looking elsewhere.

An unspoken agreement is created. This is not an uncommon theme in which a woman would date a man to gain an advantage of sorts, in this case being financial support.

Though none of these reasons makes cheating an acceptable act by any means. It does give an insight into the psychology of why do women cheat with married men.


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