Why Do Some Women Have Deep Voices

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With the new years only being a few days behind us I am trying to do the typical lose weight goal.  You know, that goal that eventually fails and you end up putting on more weight than you had before. Yea 2013!

Anyway I am at the gym and about 2 feet from my exercise bike I overhear a guy trying to flirt with one of the other female gym members. The conversation is pretty bland but what caught my interest was the deep voice of the woman that he was speaking with.

She had possibly the deepest voice I have heard on a woman and if I hadn’t turned around to confirm that the guy was indeed talking to a woman I would have assumed that he was flirting with a guy.

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Though I have never had the opportunity to date a woman with a deep voice, I have had a few female friends with deep voices, but it was this woman that peaked my curiosity driving me find out why do some women have deep voices.


No, not only men produce this hormone. Women produce testosterone also, just not to the extent that a man would.

For those that are unaware of this hormone, testosterone is responsible for the some of the characteristics that we see in men. Characteristics such as body hair, muscle, bone mass and our desire to save damsels in distress.

In regards to the relation between testosterone and its effect on our voice, lets jump into our time machine and go back to the days of puberty.

This was a time where a lot of young boys would get hoarse voices due to their bodies developing. One of those developments was the increased production of testosterone.

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This hormone would affect the vocal cords causing them to become longer and thicker. Depending on the amount of testosterone produced determines how deep the voice.

This is why a woman will have a deeper voice than other women, if she developed more testosterone than other women during this phase.

On a side note this is also why some women like men with deep voices because it represents that he has a high testosterone levels.


Doing this for a long time can cause similar effects to the vocal cords as hormones, causing the vocal cords to become inflamed and thicken but also to become drier.

This means that along with the voice becoming deeper, it will also become more raspy due to the dryness and inflammation.

There are also other ways to deepen your voice which can be done through exercises to develop the throat muscle or by producing the sound from lower in the throat.

However I won’t list them because I can not imagine most women intentionally performing them to achieve a deeper voice because of the association of a deep voice with masculinity.

In most cases if you were to come across a woman with a deep voice odds are the reason is due to her testosterone levels during puberty.

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