Why Do Older Women Like Younger Men

Example of older woman with younger man

The notion of an older woman liking a younger man has been commonly accepted for quite some time now, to the point that they have their own nick name “Cougars”. With numerous celebrities past and present having such relationships. Celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz, etc.

The question some ask rather than men their own age, why do older women like younger men?


Let’s get the obvious reason out the way. Sex, We all love sex and perhaps it was natures joke that gave men and women different sexual peak ages, Men sexually peaking at 18-22 and women peaking at 28-32 years old.

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Since women peak sexual at an older age they may be drawn to younger men because they tend to have a higher libido than an older man. And hearing “I think I pulled my back” is not very attractive.


Younger men do not have as much responsibilities as an older man.  No kids or Ex Wives to worry about. Because of this they can be more spontaneous and adventurous. Running off to Paris on Wednesday? No problem. This can be an exhilarating change for an older woman.


A younger man will be more inclined to go out and take her to new exciting venues. Being with a younger man can remind her of her younger years and can even mentally invigorate her, causing her to feeling more youthful.

Less Baggage

He hasn’t had as much experiences as an older man with dating and relationship. This decreases the chances he has baggage from past relationships that will affect a current relationship with her such as angry ex wives.

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There Is a Market

Let’s be honest, there is an upward trend of younger men liking older women. Based on their personal experience some men in their 20s find dating a woman in their 20s unappealing, reasons such as maturity, financial stability and sexual experience. This causes them to look for other options, Options such as older women.

With a market of young men being interested in older women increasing, older women are opening up to the opportunity of dating a younger man. An opportunity that wasn’t as available 20 years ago.

Physical Attraction

Younger men tend to be more in shape and more focused on physical appearance than their older version. One of the reasons being they are still in a dating mindset, while an older man is more in a settled mind set and not quite as on the “prowl”.

This plays into the biological attraction of women and the image that romantic comedies have instilled in her throughout her life. The desire of wanting a strong, well dressed and charming young man to sweep her off her feet.

Willing to Learn

Teaching a new puppy new trick is easier than trying to teach an old dog new tricks. An older woman can somewhat mold a younger man towards her image of an ideal man. A man that is willing to be more sexually adventurous, a man with ambition or simply a man that takes out the trash without being asked.

Though not all older women are attracted to younger men. For the ones that do, this provides some insight as to why.

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