Why Do Men Stare At Women

I have had a few near car accidents from staring at women from the corner of my eye and being distracted from what I should be looking at, the road. Thank fully I have never been in an accident but the point remains that it feels almost supernatural how the eyes are drawn to the female form.

As a guy that’s family consists of 80% women and spending a large portion of my life working at a family business in which the staff is 99.9% women, you would figured that I would have gain some superman level of immunity to it.

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Though I have gained some benefits from the above mentioned such as learning that men can say no and  the Importance of Being More Selective with who I date . One of the skills I did not gain was invulnerability to wandering eyes.

Seeing internet pictures, such as the president checking out a woman that is not his wife. I know that I am not alone.

Men staring at women is a mostly biological response, and not secretly an attempt to make you ladies feel like pieces of meat.

One reason is that it is an evolutionary instinct for procreating. So some may ask, Why don’t women stare at men then? Don’t they want to procreate also? First of all women absolutely do check out men that they find attractive, it just isn’t to the extent that men take it. So the question should be, Why don’t women stare as much as Men do?

If we we were to go with the reasoning, it is a evolutionary instinct for procreation, the reason men stare more is because of a man’s ability to have a near unlimited amount of offspring as long as there is female partner.

A woman having a child is a much greater investment, she can only have 1 child at a time and the process is 9 months. Because of this, a woman cares a great deal about finding about the personality of a man. To see if he is the kind of man that she can trust to be with, and that he will not run off and leave her first chance he gets.

While a man mentality in previous times, was that “More Sex = More Babies = Greater success of passing on Gene ^3″, so because of this mentality of having numerous sexual encounters. Being able to judge a woman’s fertility visually was a great advantage to have.

This trait was then passed on to the men that we see to day, even though the desire to have numerous sexual partners isn’t the same as it once was.

I spoke to a few women from work about this, and the most common reason that they seem to think that men stare at women is because, Those men do not have the nerve to approach the woman out of  The Fear of Rejection.

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I agree with this to an extent, men are afraid of  approaching women so they stare from a distance. Sometimes in hopes that the women will sense that they are staring at them, lock their gaze with his and run over to confess her love.  But this is only some men, it is definitely not all men.

An article I read on a dating forum a while back said that staring could be used as a way to gauge a conversation invitation. For example, if a man is having drinks with his buddies at a bar.

He takes a look around the room, checking out the beautiful women that are out that night. Some wont notice him staring, some may be shy and look away, but there may be a select few that maintain that eye contact for a few seconds and then smile while She Plays With Her Hair.

That stare now becomes an invitation to come over , start a conversation and find out about her. So instead of that same guy going around the bar meeting women and risking being turned down. He is able to increase his chances of not getting turned down, simply by approaching only the women that give him the visual cue.

Some men stare at women because they are not happy with their current relationship. This here is tricky to judge because it does not mean that if a man is in a relationship and checks out another woman that he is unhappy and doesn’t love the woman that he is currently with.

It can simply be a instinctive reflex but there are  unhappy men in relationships that will wonder at other options, so they check out other women. This can be a early Signs of a Man that is going to Cheat.  The best way to judge which one he is, is to first take a look at the relationship itself and figure out if you have a truly happy relationship.

So ladies, next time you catch a guy staring at you. Remember, it is not an attempt to make you feel inadequate or to devalue you as a person. We just find you beautiful and it is our non verbal way of letting you know.

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