Why Do Men Lose Interest After Sex


“I really enjoyed last night” she texts him. After a few hours of no response she gets worried and decides to call him. Perhaps a tsunami took out the text messaging service tower near his house is down.

The phone rings and rings with no answer.

What could be wrong she thinks. Since they slept together the night before he must be interested..right…right?

Unfortunately no this isn’t always the case, some men will sleep with a woman even if he has zero interest in her beyond that and others will simply lose interest after the deed.

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But why? Why do some men lose interest after sex.

Logic returns

Prior to sleeping with a woman, a man can easily make some of the most ridiculous decisions in an attempt to get laid. His desire to get laid overrides logic and reasoning.

An old friend of mine drove 8 hours to meet a girl, when he had a important job interview the next day. An interview he would miss if he went, but for the chance at the goodies, he would rather remain unemployed. Rather have to call home to his parents to ask for money so he doesn’t starve.

After the deed is when men are most logically about women. The guy is sexually satisfied and now that he no longer in that moment desires it. His brain can now take in the situation objectively.

Perhaps he now realizes that he doesn’t truly like the girl. She lives too far away, they do not have the similar interests.

Perhaps, he now realizes that the petty fight he had with his girl friend the week before is not a good reason to end a long term relationship.

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Whichever the reason it is clear that from an objective standpoint pursuing a relationship is not the best idea. So he begins to get distant, or avoid her entirely to show that he is no longer interested.

The Chase is Over

Another reason is that for some men, sex without commitment is all that they want.

They do not desire a relationship or anything beyond the feeling of release after a night of the chase and passion. They love the thrill of sleeping with multiple women for one night stands.

This is why as a woman, it is important that if she is not interested in this that she learn to weed out the guys that are just after one thing. To avoid wasted time and hurt feelings.

One of the most effective ways of doing this is time. Time gives you more opportunities to see if the guy is truly interested in you as a person. A guy that is only after sex will not wait a year, a bit extreme but you get the idea.

Time will quickly filter out the guys that are looking for a quick fix. They will not want to invest the time and will either heavily push the idea or just fade away. Either way letting her know the type of guy he is.

The most important thing however is that if a man does lose interest in you after sex. Do not take it personal. In a world in which every person is different, It is impossible for every match to work and interest can fade.

So stay strong just stay strong and keep improving yourself for yourself.

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