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Why Do Men Like Damsels In Distress

It’s been a week of listening to this radio talk show. The talk show was themed around men wanting to help and protect a woman in need even if she is a complete stranger.

One of the shows host questioned if the reason behind this behaviour was because men liked saving damsels in distress. This is an interesting question.

At some point we have all seen this in some form of way, a guy stopping to help a woman with a flat tire , opening doors for a random woman stranger or trying to protect her from a pack of feral hyenas.

Spending a large part of my teenage years working in a female retail store, I’d notice similar behaviour. Men would offer to buy items for other customers, give her money if she didn’t have enough for an item, and offer to purchase an employee lunch if she was hungry.

Unfortunately I never received such offers but it did open my eyes to the behaviour of some men. That though the days of white knights slaying dragons to save women from danger are gone, men still do want to help women when they can because they like it.

The reason is it..

Male Ego

In todays relationships men and women are more equal in terms of independence than in the past. It was just a few decades ago in which most women were housewives and needed men for financial stability.

Even if we were to go further back, women needed men for protection from the elements and animals along with bringing in food through hunting.

Men attached a part of their identity in the relationship to being needed by a woman. It brought a sense of purpose in a relationship.

With the new age of independence in which a woman doesn’t truly need a man for anything other than for baby making , this causes men to feel less desired, that they are no longer men.

This is why when a man meets a woman that reminds him that he is still needed, he is drawn to her and wants to be with her.

Not to be confused with a woman who is constantly in need of help and crossing into the realm of simply being too needy.

A needy woman has the opposite effect on a man being constantly in need of help from her man, is now encroaching on a mans space, which for some men can drive them away in an attempt to regain that personal space.

So essentially yes men love damsels in distress because men love to feel needed but being too needed can be overwhelming for some men because men need space to themselves. Space to think, relax and not feel overwhelmed.