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Why Do Men Cheat On Their Girlfriends And Wives

Quite often, men are highlighted as being the sex that stray the most and, even though women do their fair share of cheating too, the truth is that men cheat on their partners regularly. It is easy to blame and condemn men for this act – often the reasons for their actions are selfish and hurtful and can destroy a once loving relationship – however it may not always be entirely their fault. There are many behavioural reasons for infidelity, but there are also biological and psychological ones too.


Men may try and use the excuse that it is not their fault, that they are just built that way, and there is some truth to this theory. The genetic and evolutionary make up of males – both in humans and across the animal kingdom – is to widen their gene pool as much as possible and prevent the genetic material of rivals from being passed to the next generation. Obviously this trait is not as strong as it was, else there would be no monogamous relationships at all, but it still lingers and creates a desire to seek out potential mates.

Sex is clearly an important aspect of cheating. Men do not just play away for reproductive needs, they often simply seek sexual gratification. This could be because they are not receiving an adequate amount at home, because perhaps their partner’s sex-drive has decreased as the relationship has progressed or the sex they do enjoy has grown stale and repetitive. A routine sex life can be as bad as none at all, and sex with a new partner can break this cycle.

Relationships are of course not all about the physical pleasures, men need emotional gratification too. A lack of this love and affection, or a simple case of feeling unappreciated, can make men turn to another source. Emotional affairs are affairs of the heart, a chance to find the warmth and acknowledgement in the company of another. If these affairs become fulfilling, they can progress into more serious relationships.

The psychological make-up of a man can also lead to them cheating. It means that they want to boost their ego and show off their machismo, to both women and their friends, and this is often determined by the number of women they can sleep with and how easily they can pick them up. Women should never underestimate a man’s weakness to peer pressure. In addition to this, a pre-disposition to cheating can be to blame, catch them once and they will most likely be caught again.

The final reason why men cheat is the most selfish of them all and cannot be blamed on genetic or psychological traits. They just see it as a tool, a simple way to get out of a relationship without having to confront their partner or deal with any other issues. They know that women will kick them out for the betrayal so they may as well have some fun at the same time.

If men cheat, the chances are that it is for one of these reasons – if not a combination of a few of them. Being aware of these reasons not only helps men express their motives, it helps women understand exactly why infidelity happens, and could even help prevent it happening in the future.