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Why Do Guys Text And Not Call

Back when I was in high school when I got a girls phone number which was usually her house number, I would have to call. It was a terrifying experience the first time and oddly exciting. You had no idea what to talk about and awkward silences were nerve wracking, but at that time that was all part of the dating process.

These days in regards to dating, communication is mostly done via texting, especially by guys. This leaves women wondering why do guys text and not call, because when they are dating a guy for a while they prefer the occasional more personal communication of a phone call.


Quick and Easy

Let’s be honest sending a text is quick and painless. You type what is on your mind hit send and relax as you wait for the response.

The delayed response time gives a guy time to think of what to say, making even the shyest guy come off as Casanova.

There is no pressure to respond right away, so if a guy is busy it is much easier to multi-task a text conversation than a phone call.

Fear of Rejection

The beginning stages of a courtship are the most difficult for most guys. There is the fear of making a good impression and chance of rejection always looming above your head.

So when communicating with a girl it easier to woo her and when time comes to ask her for a date, it’s easier to send a text than asking her over the phone.

Her saying she has to wash her hair is easier to bear as a text message than her telling you over the phone.

We don’t know it bothers you

Guys are sometimes blind to what is obvious to girls. It wasn’t until a girl that I was dating told me she hated when guys always text and not call, her not so subtle way of telling me to call more. Before that day I was unaware it was a big deal and if she didn’t mention it, I would still be blind to it.

He’s just not that into you

The most difficult reason for a girl to hear, some guys just don’t call because well they aren’t that interested in you. One of the main ways to tell is if he use to call but suddenly lessened the frequency. If from the start of the relationship he always texted you, it is most likely one of the other reason.

To learn more on how to tell if a guy likes you through text check out this article.

Though there are various reasons for why guys text and not call, if it truly bothers you mention it to him. In most cases the reasons he texts and doesn’t call is because it’s easier and he is simply just unaware of how you feel about it.