Why Do Guys Take Cold Showers

Cold Shower

I remember my first cold shower like it was yesterday. It was a 3rd date and I had invited her over to watch a movie. Back then I had the mentality that the 3rd date was the “You are going to get laid” date.

The night was going well, cuddling, kissing and all that, but when I would attempt to push the intimacy further she would stop me. It had gotten to the point that I was frustrated and told her that I have to get up early for work and that she should go.

We both know the actual reason behind it, I was frustrated and if she was playing hard to get, I wasn’t interested in doing that dance. After she had left I was still feeling horny and Id always heard that cold showers were a good for relieving tension.

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1 minute into the shower and low and behold…it worked. I understood why do guys take cold showers.

The Shock

When taking a cold shower, the initial contact with the cold water will send a shock through your body. You will begin to hyperventilate until your body adjusts to the temperature but you will continue to feel the cold sensation through your body.

This sensation distracts you from other feelings such as the feeling of arousal you had prior. Rather the thought that goes through your mind are the feeling of being cold and questioning why did the idea of taking a cold shower seemed like a good idea in the first place.

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There is a scene from the show Seinfeld in which the character George Costanza is getting undressed and a lady accidentally walks into the room. She is shocked and eventually begins to giggle then says “I am sorry, I am so sorry” and walks off.

To imply that he has small emmm… equipment. George replies “I was in the pool!” He was experience shrinkage from being in the pool and this continues to be a running joke throughout the episode.

If you have seen it, here is the clip

A guy taking a cold shower has a similar effect, an erection happens when the penis becomes filled with blood.

When a guy takes a cold shower, one of the body’s natural reactions is to bring most of its blood towards the core. This causes the blood to leave the penis and go into more crucial areas to preserve body function.

Though I am not sure how the idea of guys taking cold showers became such common knowledge or even where I initially heard it. I picture in my mind a group of men sitting at a round table sharing secrets that everyman should know.

After the meeting they would send messengers to different parts of the globe to spread the word of what was learnt that day so all men will know the solution to being aroused is to take a cold shower.


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