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Why Do Guys Flirt When They Have A Girlfriend

Guilty! Yes I am guilty of being one of those guys that sometimes flirts while in a relationship, and I am sure that I am not alone.

Its no secret that guys given the right situation and sometimes even the wrong situation will flirt with a woman given the chance.

Some see it as harmless but for others it can be the first signs of a relationship that is slowly sinking into the abyss like the titanic.

However a failing relationship is a worst case scenario and there are other reasons why a guy will flirt while in a relationship.


All men have an ego, some smaller than others but push the right buttons and our ego will rear its head in one way or another.

One of the buttons is when a beautiful woman flirts with us or she is receptive to our flirting.

This doesn’t mean the guys intention is to cheat on his girlfriend but to know that we are still attractive to other woman is flattering and reassuring and will put pep in any guys step.


A flirting boyfriend can be the signal that the relationship is going through turbulence or that he is unfulfilled in someway.

This doesn’t mean that he plans on leaving, or that he feels that his girlfriend is bad for him.

It just means there is just a piece of the puzzle missing.causing him to start looking for that piece of the puzzle.

This is not always a conscious decision and can sometimes be subconsciously happening without he himself not even knowing that he is unfulfilled.

Harmless Fun

Flirting for some guy is just a way to have fun and has no emotionally intentions behind it.

There’s a thrill that comes from bantering with the opposite sex, and if you look around the bar or club on a Friday night you will see it too.

Men and women giggling and laughing from flirting with one another. Some couples see it as so harmless that they even express it is OK to flirt to their spouse.

Well as long as it remains just flirting and does not become anything more.

If you have a flirty boyfriend, though it doesn’t always mean he is planning on cheat, if it bothers you then confront him about it, so that the both of you can come to a solution.

To bottle up what you are feeling could cause the relationship to fracture by not being honest with him and yourself, causing potential resentment that could ruin an otherwise great relationship.