Why Do Guys Act Tough Infront Of Girls


When I am at a bar with the intention of meeting girls, there are 3 things that will distract me from the task at hand. A celebrity, clowns, and a bar fight.

This nights winner was a near bar fight in an attempt to look tough in front of girls…over a table. A guy and his girl were sitting at a table at the corner of the room.

A few minutes later another guy and girl comes over and the guy begins to get loud claiming the table was his, they just went out for a smoke.

At this point I am so interested in the scene, I have forgotten that I was even talking to a girl. The other guy doesn’t take it well about being asked to vacate the seats and they are now bumping chests, its like a scene out of Michael Jackson’s music video Beat It.

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Why Do Guys Act Tough Infront Of Girls

It’s My Table

I am waiting for the knifes and dance moves to happen, then like a mother dragging her child out of the candy store the guys get dragged out by the bouncers.

Leaving me with the question of was the conflict really about a table? No, I couldn’t imagine if these 2 guys were alone with absolutely no one around that it would have escalated to that point.

It was because of the fact they were with girls. So really the question is why do guys act tough in front of girls?

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Men have a fear of looking weak. This fear comes from a mans desire to be masculine because society has set certain expectation of masculinity for men. That a man should be strong, decisive, confident, and most of all tough.

Women love men who are masculine, which reasons are linked to evolution, in which women were attracted to men that were strong and tough because it meant that he was more likely to be an alpha male.

Those traits also meant that they would better protectors for her and her offspring than a man who lacked those traits.

So when a man is acting tough in front of girls, It is like a peacock showing its feather to attract mates.

He is essentially trying to show that he is that man.The man who can defend his woman and protect her from harm.

It is his attempt to attract her or in the case of which she is currently dating him, it is his attempt to maintain her attraction for him.

He fears that by looking weak that she will lose attraction for him and It is that fear that will drive him to fight another guy over a table to keep up that image.

So next time you see a guy puffing his chest, or some other gesture to show that he is tough in front of girls, remember that it is because he trying to protect his masculine image so that women don’t think of him as less of a man or find him less attractive.

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