Why Do Girls Sleep Around After A Break Up

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Relationships are a roller coaster of emotions, which can affect us in ways that we never thought possible; this is especially true for break ups. A break up can cause us happiness, depression, anger, denial and a host of other emotions that can cause us act out in different ways.

One of these ways is sleeping around, both guys and girls can react this way to a break up but for this article we will focus on the reasons to the question, why do girls sleep around after a break up.

Fear of Commitment

A difficult breakup can cause a girl to fear commitment. This fear can stem from fear of being hurt, fear of wasting their time, fear of rejection, etc.

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Whichever the case, she is not currently interested in a relationship due to possibility of getting emotionally attached.

This causes her to get involved with a guy and before she or he gets attached moves on to the next one to avoid getting hurt. Allowing her to reap some of the benefits of having another person in her life without the risk of emotional vulnerability and possibility of getting hurt.

To Get Over her Ex

There is a saying in regards to break ups, “The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else”. This essentially means that to quickly get your mind off of a break up, jump into another relationship or relationships.

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Relationships are a lot of work and can take a lot of our focus if we let it. A girl can use that fact to keep her mind busy and off of her ex.

The companionship of other guys can keep her from going through one of the hardest feelings in a break up, the feeling of being lonely.

Validation Seeking

A break up can be a blow to a girl’s ego and self esteem. After a break up she may not feel as beautiful, exciting, or amazing as she did when she was in a relationship.

If she was he wouldn’t have left right? This thinking can lead her to try to prove to herself that she is still an amazing catch.

She sleeps with other guys as a form of proving to herself that she is still desirable, and thus validating herself.  The amount of validation she needs will vary on how insecure she feels about herself after the break up.


When a girl is involved in a relationship she has constant access to sex. After a break up that access is no longer available to her.

For a girl that loves the pleasures of sex this can be a very difficult transition, so difficult that she seeks out partners to fill her needs.

All in all, though it can be difficult for some to truly understand why girls sleep around after a break up, hopefully this article sheds some light on the reasons behind it.

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