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Why Do Girls Give Their Number And Not Answer

Why do girls give their number and not answer? As a guy you may be thinking this but fear not you are not the only one to have this thought cross your mind. Girls’ giving guys their numbers and not answering is like a rite of passage for men, a rite of passage that happens throughout your lifetime.

So why do girls give their number and not answer? Well…


Sometimes in the moment of the interaction a girl feels the high of being courted by a guy. She is flattered you are interested and she feels more beautiful than she ever has.

In that moment she is completely into you and gives you her number. After the moment has passed reality sets in. Thoughts cross her mind, Does he really like me? Do I like him? Is he a player? Crap, I forgot I had a boyfriend!

Any of these thoughts of uncertainty and more can cause her to panic and avoid your calls.

Unrecognized number

Personally I have a tendency not to answer phone numbers I do not recognize. This is a tendency that others have also.  So when a girl doesn’t answer your phone call, it can just be her avoiding an unknown number.

This is why it is important that when a guy gets a girls number than he also gives her his number, so that when he tries to contact her, she knows it’s you.

It’s Easy

Guys can be persistent and the only way to get rid of him is to give him a number. Some women will give a guy a wrong number and other girls will give their number with no intention of answering because it easier than telling a guy straight out that she isn’t interested.


Knowing a guy is interested and her giving him the number can make her feel desirable boosting her ego even thought she actually isn’t interested in dating him. This can be an empowering feeling know that you have men that want you and can turn them down at a whim.


We live busy lives both guys and girls. Sometimes when a guy attempts to reach a girl she is just busy with life. So why doesn’t she call you back? It’s how girls are; to call a guy back may make her feel needy or clingy. Girls are use to being pursed and not the pursuer, so if she doesn’t answer, try her again another day.

The feeling of happiness of getting a girls phone number combined with the frustration of constantly getting a voice mail can be a roller coaster of emotions. It is important to know that there are a variety of reasons for her decision that do not usually have to do with your but rather her own internal monologue. Don’t feel down, it happens and we have all been there. Stay strong there more fishes in the sea.