Why Do Girls Get Wet


Girls typically get wet in preparation for sexual intercourse. The lubrication of the vagina allows penetration to occur more easily. Though the intention of a girls getting wet is to allow intercourse to happen, it doesn’t mean sex will happen. This is because the lubrication occurs during the arousal phase.

Some girls will get wet more than others; this is because of the link to estrogen. Estrogen is the sex hormone responsible for the development of sexual characteristics in girls, such as breasts, regulation of the menstrual cycle, etc. Girls that get wet more typically have higher estrogen than other girls. This is also why girls on birth control will not get wet as easily, because birth control reduces her estrogen levels.

Sexual Arousal

Though the reason for girls getting wet is her body’s way of preparing for sex.  The brain doesn’t know the difference between the real thing or not. The brain reacts to the emotional arousal she is feeling at the moment, a state that comes in multiple forms.

Visual, A girl can be aroused by something she sees via her vision. This can be a guy sitting across the table, a celebrity on TV, porn or simply an image of an attractive guy, this sends a message to her brain that she is attracted and thinking about sex, which then prepares her body for sexual intercourse even if her intention isn’t to have sex.

Auditory, Men are consider more visual than girls and can easily get aroused by a visual image, which is one of the reasons men stare at women. Girls on the other hand are more aroused by words, a compliment, or a sexy whisper in her ear.

The theory behind this is because girls are better communicators than men causing them to be more in tune to words and conversations. Girls are more interested in personality so words are better at conveying personality traits than looks.

Touch, This is another way to get a girls wet such as kissing a girl for the first time. Girls have multiple erroneous zones that can be used to turn her on, areas such as her neck, inner thigh, breasts and many more. These are highly sensitive areas that when touched correctly sends a sensation to her brain that will turn her on.

Mental, We as humans have very powerful minds. The thoughts in our minds can have physical effects on us. For example if you were having a stressful day, it is possible to close your eyes and picture a relaxing day at the beach that can relieve you of the stress you are feeling.

This is because of the strong connection of our mind and body, so if a woman were to get lost in thought and imagine having sex with a coworker she will begin to get aroused and thus also wet.