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Why Are Women Better At Reading Body Language Than Men?

Body language is something both sexes can use to determine whether or not someone is interested in them. There are a wide variety of signs to look out for, but who is best at actually picking up on these signs? Women are generally a lot better at reading body language and there are a few reasons why! This doesn’t mean every woman is; there are some men who are experts as well. The first reason why women are better at reading body language is:

1) Women are more aware. Most women are well aware of their hand placement or body placement no matter where they are at. This is due to them being conscious of their looks and how they might appear to other people. Due to being so aware of how the body is placed, they sense this in men quite easily. Women can easily see if a man is interested by the way he is placing his body and how he is moving.


Even just watching other people while out in a public place helps a lot. Knowing what body language signs to look for becomes easier with experience. Anyone can pick up on these; women just tend to notice things first.

2) Sensing emotions. Since women use their emotions and often wear them on their sleeve, they can see them in men as well. There are a lot of subtle things she can pick up on to read body language and sense whether or not a man is interested.

It’s easy for most women to pick up on a man when he is lying, generally interested or even in love. Being in-tune with emotions can help with being able to read body language. If his facial expressions aren’t meeting up with what he’s saying, she is going to notice.

3) Intuition. Women’s intuition is naturally instilled in most women! This gives a sort of sixth sense that helps them determine whether or not a man is really wanting to date or have a long term relationship. This intuition is something a lot of women use and are generally successful with! Intuition is also a result of women using both the left and right sides of their brain. Men tend to only use their left side of the brain.

All of these things come into play when a woman is dating or casually seeing a guy she is interested in. Most women don’t want to flat out ask a man if he wants to date her, so she easily picks up on other signs. A lot of experience is something that can make any female an expert when it comes to body language! There are little hints that will easily show whether or not a man is genuinely interested.

There are always exceptions; in some cases men might be better at reading body language than women. In general, women will be able to pick up on things a lot more quickly. This can help a lot of females out when it comes to dating and finding someone they are compatible with.