When Are You Most Likely To Find Love

At a busy restaurant last night, I took a glance around the venue at all the people who were having dinner. How many of them were on a first date, married, friends, long-term relationships or breaking up? I thought. Relationships are being formed and broken around us all the time.

Could the next two people I walk by on the street, cross paths, find each other and fall in love. When you think about it, it is amazing how much of this is going on. Which got me thinking to, Is there certain time of the year that couples get together or is it all just random.
According to a post by Mashable , There is a trend. Facebook has millions of users around the world. They are constantly updating their lives on Facebook to the point that it has become a personal life journal for most. To no surprise, Facebook has an extensive amount of data on whats going on, on their website.

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One of those stats, being when users change their status from single to in a relationship or vice versa. So Facebook knows when you breakup or get together. Interesting..*Puts on Tin Foil Hat* ..Apparently Big brother is watching us closer than ever.

The post on Mashable, using the data found shows us, that the time in which the most relationships are being announced on Facebook is February, April, and December. With February containing the most. Why February? You guessed it… Valentines day.

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The month of love. Time in which Hallmark , jewelry stores and flowers shop get money thrown at time. If you are single this is the month, it will be all the more apparent to you. Isn’t it shocking, how a holiday has the power to create such a desire in us to want to be with another person.

The next spike in relationship statuses on Facebook is April. My first thought was that it had to do with weddings. That maybe April was the most popular wedding month of the year. However It seems that award goes to June.

Other than that, the only other possibility that comes to mind is the weather. Winter for northern parts of the world is not the best time to meet people due to the cold and snow. They don’t go out as much and Late March and Early April is the first break from winter.

Spring provides more opportunities to go out and mingle in full force again and more relationships are created.

December time is the last spike in relationship status updates, specifically around Christmas time. This is another holiday similar to Valentines day where the message of “togetherness” is strong. So this comes as no surprise.

Now granted, not everyone is on Facebook. One of those people being me, and there are people on Facebook that don’t update their relationship status so this trend may be skewed,

Is there a trend in which months your relationships have started? Let us know.

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