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Recognizing Needy Behavior

Being in a relationship can be difficult. When couples start to go out, they depend on each other which is a healthy habit, but can turn into needy or clingy behavior. While it is natural to trust a partner, depending on them too much is not attractive and is unhealthy. Maintaining independence is a positive trait and important for any relationship.

These are a few tips on interpreting body language and how to recognize and avoid needy behavior.

First, how often do you ask for other people’s opinions? While asking for advice on big decisions is usually a good thing, individuals should be able to make basic life decisions on their own. Deciding what to have for dinner or what to wear should be made by each person.

If constantly asking someone else s opinion on the most basic parts of life, this habit can indicate a lack on self-confidence and relying too much on others.

Secondly, are you always seeking reassurance? Everyone remembers the girl from high school who would always say that she was ugly or fat, but no one wants to be her! Have confidence in your own looks and abilities. Sure, no one is perfect, but a positive self esteem is healthy and having to constantly be reassured is frustrating for others.

Even if you don’t feel great every day, recognize this as being normal and continue living life.

Thirdly, are you always defensive? One of the signs of being too needy is being hurt by the slightest criticism. Be confident in your opinions. Sure, we’re all wrong at times, but don’t be afraid to state opinions and preferences. Chances are, not everyone is going to like them.

If you and your significant other disagree, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. He or she will respect your opinion if you present it in a logical and clear way.

Fourthly, are you so afraid to fail that you’re afraid to let go? Relationships take work, and most people don’t end up with the first person they date. A needy person will be so afraid that the relationship is going to end that they can be very controlling.

Behaviors like constantly calling and texting or always wanting to know where their partner is are unhealthy and cause unnecessary tension in a relationship. Stay connected to your partner, but avoid always having to know what that person is up to. A little mystery can be a good thing.

Fifthly, do you get angry at the smallest things? Needy people are often bad communicators. They get angry with unimportant things and refuse to communicate about their problems. This behavior pushes people away and eventually it will cause a relationship to end.

Recognize that good communication is the most important part of any relationship and bring up conflicts when they happen.

These are a few ways to recognize needy behavior. We’ve all acted needy and clingy at times, but recognizing and fixing these behaviors is the key to a good relationship. Follow these tips for better and healthier relationship.