Playing Hard to Get or Just Not Interested. How Can You Tell

These days the game of playing hard to get is becoming more popular. They want you to work for it, give you that challenge and show you they are not that easy or available.

Sometimes you may get stood up on a date, cancelled on, receive slow text message responses or no response at all. We have all been there at some point.

When you just can’t tell if the person you are interested in just playing hard to get or if they are simply not interested. Both men and women are capable of playing hard to get and sometimes it can be frustrating.

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So how do you tell if he or she is playing hard to get or just not interested?

The main difference is, when a person is playing hard to get they will pull away but still leave the possibility of something more happening but when a person is simply not interested they will not leave you with a possibility.

My favourite metaphor in regards to this is the “Cat string Theory”.  When you are interested in playing with the cat, you show the cat the string and you pull away  that string. The cat will chase the string. However the cat will only chase the string as long as the string is within view.

If you are no longer interested in playing with the cat, pull the string out of view of the cat and kitty will not keep chasing.

This is the same way in which it works with men and women in dating.  If you have a girl/guys number and you text them. You know that they saw the message and they take hours to respond, maybe even days. That is a sign they are playing hard to get.  If they were not interested, they wouldn’t bother getting back to you at all.

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Another example is when you ask the person out but they decline or a date is set up and the person cancels. If that person attempts to reschedule or gives the possibility of it happening another time. i.e. “Sorry I can’t do Saturday, try me again next week” .

They are playing hard to get, however if they just say “ Sorry I can’t go out Saturday” pulling the “string” completely out of your vision. Leaving you nothing to latch onto or chase, they are simply not interested..

So why do some people play hard to get? Well because a lot of the time, it is effective. Playing hard to get works the same way as the Scarcity Principle in economics.

Higher value is placed on items that are rare, and harder to achieve. By playing hard to get and making the person work to be with you. Causes them to associate more value with you,makes them want you more and thus will cherish you more when they are with you.

Take note this doesn’t work with everyone and in some cases may even work against you because some people are simply not into playing “games”

However when it comes to seeing who is playing hard to get and who is just not interested. Remember the cat string theory and you will see right through the games.

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