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If A Guy Cheats Once Will He Cheat Again

I turn the radio on just in time for the Steve Harvey morning show. He is talking to a lady who was cheated on.

That doesn’t happen often right? What was interesting about her story though was that she was dating a man that cheated on his wife with her.

He eventually left his wife to be with this lady, and then after a few months he cheated on her too.

Shocking! But what is shocking isn’t the fact that he would cheat again but that this woman truly believed that he WOULDN’T cheat again.

She simply couldn’t understand why he would cheat.

So does it mean that once a cheater always a cheater? In most cases yes but there are exceptions.


Some relationships are great, there is magic, butterflies, and rainbows, however there are relationship that are terrible.

They may not have started as such but overtime the relationship began to fail. Some men who are in these relationships won’t leave but try to tough it out.

Perhaps for the kids, investment, etc essentially making a conscious decision to stay.

The unhappiness then continues to build and the man begins to look elsewhere for the happiness he no longer has in the relationship.

If a man cheats due to this reasoning, as long as he is happy in his next relationship odds are he won’t cheat.

The risk with this man however is that if he is unhappy he will not express he is unhappy and separate from the relationship.

Instead he will keep it to him and search for other options that will make him happy.

Physical desire

Men are visual being. A beautiful woman walks by and our eyes follow.

This is the same response if you are single or if you are in a relationship, it is just how men are programmed.

This doesn’t mean all men will cheat in response, but some will.

If a man cheated due to physical desire, then he will cheat again given the opportunity.

Because eventually he will get use to her physical beauty and his physical desire for a new beautiful woman will kick in.

In both these cases there will be exceptions, men who cheat due to an unhappy relationship may cheat again regardless

Men who cheat due to their physical desire may change their ways and become faithful.

But why risk it? Relationships are already risky investments of time, money, and emotions. Why increase the risk by dating a man that cheat already.