How To Tell If She Is Submissive Woman


My friend and I are sitting at the bar discussing the growth of feminism and the independence of women from the olden days of women mostly being housewives being taken care of by their husbands.

He mentioned how he would have loved to have grown up in that time. Not because he has some overflowing wish for women to be held back but because he loved submissive women, which are becoming hard to find.

It stirred a primal desire in him, and as we scanned the bar, we talked about how to tell if a woman is submissive.

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In my experience it is difficult to tell by physical appearance alone. Determining if a woman is submissive requires a combination of her physical appearance, body language and delving into her past.

The 2 type of submissive women that I have come across are;

Rebellious Type

This type of woman will act out, she will constantly tease you and push your buttons. As if to see how much she can get away with. She wants you to tell her behave, but will never verbally express it, possibly because she herself doesn’t know submission is whats desired.

Granted there are women that act this way that are not submissive, I find the best way to tell, is to find out what her parents were like when she was growing up.

Was her mother submissive to her father? Did she have an absentee or overly stern father figure in her life ? Then odds are she is the submissive and is looking to replace or replicate that early male connection that she had or didn’t have.

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If it’s a case of growing up with  brothers then odds are it is just a case of tom boy syndrome.

Shy/ Reserve Type

This is the type of woman who is shy/innocent or at least comes off as such. She will let you lead and constantly ask you questions such as, “what are we doing tonight?”, “what should we eat?”.

Questions that show she is looking for you to make a decision on so as for her to know what to do. This can either be from simply having lack of experience with men due to little dating experience and/or absentee father.

Or because of being raised as a submissive girl, constantly being told what to do and that carried into her adult life.

Which ever the case , my personal opinion is that even with the changes in society in the past 50 years Every woman is submissive to the right man.

Not in the sense of she is a slave and he is the master but in the form that she likes the man to take the lead. To guide her and make decisions.

To be a confident leader that she can stand proudly with. So how do you tell if she is a submissive woman? You tell by being a strong confident leader.

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