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How To Tell If a Guy Likes You Through Texting

With text messaging taking over communication especially with guys, we have to know how to read and react to conversations. Guys can often be just as subtle as women when it comes to texting. Texting has in some ways opened up a different way of communication between people.

When women and men talk in person, men are generally more straightforward in what they say, while women dance around and drop hints. Men can reverse this role through text messaging. It can be difficult to wonder how to tell if a guy likes you through texting. Use these hints to make a decision on where you stand with your guy.


Does He Use Emoticons Frequently?

If a guy uses a lot of smiley faces in his texts, there’s a good chance he likes you. Men tend to stay away from emoticons while they text, especially since they like to see aloof and mysterious. They certainly don’t often use emoticons with their guy friends like girls do with their girlfriends.

They aren’t used to communicating that way. If a guy goes out of his way to put smiley faces in his texts with you, then there might be more available between the two of you. He is trying to make a point to tell you that he enjoys talking to you.

How Quickly Does He Respond?

Take note of how quickly a guy responds to your text. Girls know that guys often disregard a lot of texts. They also know that men don’t check their phones quite as much as they do. If a guy responds back to your texts within 10 minutes, there’s a pretty good chance that he likes you.

It depends on what the conversation is about. If you consistently notice quick responses from the guy you’re texting, you can be sure that he really likes talking with you.

Look for Patterns

Does he text you as soon as he wakes up? Do you receive texts from him when you wake up? Does he say good morning to you? Take note of his approach during different times of the day. Men think women find it sweet when the guy shows he cares about them.

If a guy asks you about how you slept last night, then he is telling you he cares about your health and well-being. Does he text you before he goes to bed at night? See if he leaves you with cute texts telling you to have a good night. A guy just isn’t going to go to that length for a girl he doesn’t like.

Add It All Up

Understanding men can be difficult especially when it comes down to texting so remember If your guy sends emoticons, responds quickly, and pays attention to small details about your texting schedule, he probably likes you.

There’s only so much time we have in a day for people. If a certain guy seems to take a lot of his time to text with you, he really wants to talk to you. Women like to talk a lot more than men, so if he’s interested in you, he’ll never shy away from communication with you.