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How To Tell A Woman Is Ready To Be Kissed

When you’re on a date with a woman, a kiss is what a man typically expects before parting ways. But she might not be receptive and  could reject you.

Women, unlike men, can’t get physical instantly. For women, a kiss is an intimate thing and something that they feel is a gateway to sex. So, don’t expect a woman to kiss a man if she isn’t attracted to him. And even if she likes him, she might be hesitant to kiss on the first date, especially, those women who are looking for a serious relationship.

So, what do you do when you want to kiss her but aren’t sure if she is ready? It is very important to make sure that she also feels the same.

You don’t want things to end up before they started! So How to tell a woman is ready to be kissed? Here’s a list of some fool proof signs of attraction from a woman to look for and know if she’s ready for a kiss:

Body language

Generally, a woman behaves differently if she wants to be kissed. She will walk very close to you, would keep touching your hand or let you touch hers.

She will stroke her hair, lick her lips, be flirty, give you a sly or a naughty smile, would not back away when you move closer, leans closer to you, twirls her hair around her fingers, crosses her legs frequently, carefully shows more skin etc. If you feel that she isn’t receptive, do not force it.

She might not be ready yet or just doesn’t want to move on to the next level with you, yet.

Romantic conversations

When the flow of the conversation between the two of you takes a romantic turn i.e., from general topics to more intimate ones; it is because she has romance on her mind and it is a sign that she’s waiting for the kiss to happen.

 Eye contact

This is a very good sign to know that she is waiting for you to make the move and wants to be kissed right now! When you’re talking and she stares continuously into your eyes or your lips!

Waits or pauses

If the date is over and it’s time for both of you to part your ways, or when you drop her at home; if she waits or pauses for something or it seems as if she is expecting something, that is an obvious sign! However, be sure if there is no other reason for her to do so.

It might be that she wants to hear something intimate from you or on a simpler note, you might be holding her coat and she wants it back. Hold on for a minute for her to speak. Look into her eyes. Is she also looking into your eyes? Is she smiling? Well, if yes, don’t wait.


This is one of the most clear and obvious signs of attraction from a woman. For example, if you move your face closer to hers and she does the same, you definitely know what she wants next!

As a rule, if your girl is giving you any three of the above mentioned signs, she wants to be kissed!