How to Show a Guy You Like Him Without Telling Him.

Do you have a guy that you are interested in but don’t want to flat out tell him? A lot of women feel this same way and struggle with how to make it apparent they are interested. The good news is that you can actually show body language signs to show a guy you like him! By knowing what signs to do with your body you can confidently show your interest and make a move without fully putting yourself out there.

How to show a guy you like him to begin?

The first sign you can show him you like him is by giving him eye contact! Looking deep in his eyes and keeping his attention are both things that are going to show you are interested in him and nobody else. When you are in a room full of other people, show him you see no other men! Just don’t look and stare more than you need to. Staring at him all night could come off as a little bit creepy. Smiles and eye contact at a steady pace are going to make the perfect blend!

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Going to dinner? Lean in to him while you are at the dinner table. When you are focusing your body towards him, this is a major sign that you are interested. It will show him that you want to be close to his body! Don’t confuse leaning in to falling in his lap. You need to do this slowly and make sure you are sitting back in your chair as well. Don’t be in his face all throughout the night.

Also make it a point to touch him. This can be done in a number of different ways that won’t be too forward. For example, if he tells you a funny joke, you can lean over and put your hand on his arm or leg. Just do this for a few seconds while you let your hands and fingers linger. This contact is going to be short but sweet! You don’t want him to think you are just trying to go home with him, which gives the completely wrong impression.

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Want to be a little bit daring? Try biting your lips and licking them. Don’t go crazy with this or you are just going to end up looking sloppy. Do the motions tastefully so you look sexy and like you want to kiss him! Practice this in the mirror if you want to figure out the right method for it!

If you have long hair you can start playing with it while you are talking or having a drink. Do this tastefully; you don’t want to look like you’re trying to get a bunch of knots out in the middle of a dinner table. This activity will make you look playful when done in small increments. Only do it for a few seconds and then stop.

One of the last things you can do is cross your legs and point the direction of your body towards him. While this might not seem like a big hint, it is! He will notice that your body is in his direction and you will be facing him so he can look at you!

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