Understanding The Mind of a Woman

Take your understanding of women to the next level and learn why women do the things they do to themselves, men, and the romantic relationships in their lives.

Why Do Women Sleep With Their Boss

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How many women have slept with their boss?¬†Browsing the web I stumbled across an old article that may give us the answer to this age old question.¬†The article states that 15 percent of women have slept with their boss which doesn’t surprise me. Infact I figured it would be closed to 20 percent. A point […]

Why Do Women Go To The Bathroom Together in Groups


I don’t like double dates, and here I am at dinner with not only one other couple but two other couples, guess that makes this a triple date. My problem with these kinds of dates is that the date now becomes dependant on the enjoyment of all the couples collectively. If one of the couples […]

Why Some Women Like Abusive Relationships


On the radio there’s a huge debate going on. A politician while talking about the mid year financial budget, made a comparison or joke about how the current situation is similar to being in an physically abusive relationship. That some women don’t feel like you love them unless you hit them. A dangerous metaphor for […]

Why Women Love Valentine’s Day


Walking through the mall it can clearly be seen what day of the year it is, Valentines Day. Men scrambling through the stores in an attempt to buy last minute gifts. Girlfriend, Wives and Mistresses dragging their man to different stores and pointing out what they want as a gift. The ear to ear smile […]

Why Do Women Flake On Men

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You meet a beautiful woman at a bar and you hit it off. She seem completely interested in, gives you her number and promises to answer your call, and in the moment you feel as if you could fly. After a few days of telephone courtship, a date is booked and the day is now […]

Why Do Women Like Men in Relationships

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As a guy have you ever noticed that when you are single it seems impossible to find a woman to be with. It is as if you are wearing some sort of woman repellant, and getting with in 50 feet of a woman sends them running for the hills. However the moment you get involved […]